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VIDEO: FedEx plane makes emergency landing at LAX; 1 pilot injured

Video captured a FedEx plane making an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday morning after a mechanical issue. ( More...

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Great job by the crew, they got that plane stopped right on the center line!
djames225 21
Youtube video from just before touchdown
Guys did a great job keeping it off that left engine cowl long as they could...not so good a job coming out the emergency hatch. Hope the captain or FO is ok.
sparkie624 6
Much better video... Crew did a great job... Now the Mechanics have some touch up work to do on that cowling once they get the gear down...

The 767 gear is incredibly reliable.... Will be interesting to see what caused this incident.
Robert Bliss 8
It'll buff right out......
David Bristol 4
Speed tape and GO!
Robert Bliss 3
Don't forget the Bondo!
sparkie624 2
While you are add it... Don't forget the Super Glue... It holds anything!
djames225 2
Gorilla Glue is better
william baker 1
I have some fingernail polish for the paint lol
21voyageur 1
William , , , , you worry me!
william baker 2
I worry myself sometimes too.
21voyageur 2
great reply! ;-{)
In all of the fixing items listed I can't believe Duck Tape hasn't been mentioned
william baker 2
Speed take and duck tape are almost the same and that was mentioned
Harry Venison 2
Incredible job by the crew. Glad they are doing well.
Kevin Keswick 16
Link to ATC audio recording >>>;topic=15960.0;attach=10736

Listen to these cool and collected pros in action!
Lois Lettini 2
sparkie624 1
Thanks for Sharing
Harry Venison 1
Complete professionals. thanks for this.
WhiteKnight77 10
Very good job by the pilots keeping it between the lines and not off in the dirt.
Kevin Keswick 9
Great job by the pilots. That is what true professionalism looks like. I bet both pilots were calm and cool as a cucumber during the landing, just another day "at the office"
jbermo 1
. . and the FO even had time to test his escape rope.
ADXbear 8
Good job guys..
Just reached out to a friend who flies the 767 for FexEx concerning the pilots egress from the aircraft. Here is his response:

On our 67’s we DO NOT have a slide. Primary egress is an “emergency escape reel” out the left side main cabin door, so picture a zip line that you hold onto. As a person decends it is supposed to reduce the decent rate commensurate with the body weight. Also of note, we have only one main cabin door and that’s the left side only.

My guess, and my guess only is because the damage was to the left wing and engine they probably decided to egress away from the compromised area.

Me personally I would’ve probably taken a look out the main cabin door before deciding to go out the window. I guarantee there was DG (dangerous goods on board) but that has no bearing on whether you go out the MCD or the windows. As an FO, in an EVAC I have to bring the “pouch” that contains the DG contents loaded positions.
Antonello Davi 10
and this is why I love this forum.....Nice
jbermo 6
An old B-747 emergency escape reel training video, but the principle remains the same.
WhiteKnight77 0
That works like the decelarator that stuntmen use for falls.
djames225 1
My understanding, after contacting some 76F crew, no purpose built 76F have a slide. As you mentioned, only 1 main cabin crew door. Primary emergency exit is the emergency escape "hatch" or cabin door swing arm "escape reels".
And your guess, after they watched videos, is probably close. If it was right side, then more than likely they would have used the swing arm, unless there was dangerous goods aboard. That does have a bearing on whether or not to use the mcd, as some of those goods may have been damaged upon landing and could now emit a gas.
dardav 5
definitely will leave a mark, and oh yes the pilots didn't decide to rest it on the left engine, apparently they are already in place.
I thought so. Great job to the pilots! No surprise the egress is dangerous no matter how it's done.
craigbell1941 2
Lucky it was a cargo and not a passenger livery
Looking at the available videos, based on the smoothness of the landing, I'm guessing any Pax there would have been wouldn't have been jostled much, if at all. The noise of the cowl scrapping and a slight listing would have been the only difference from a regular landing.
djames225 1
Seems like VAS Aviation got the audio of the declaration and procedures

Cool, calm and collected, by all.
ron baird 1
Scary....One of my friends was pilot #7 for Fedex. Paid for fuel with her credit card. These guys and gals are GREAT!!!!!!!
Gary Harper -1
The media mask on full display.
The narrative must go on.
Appears to me that the No. 1 engine was still running(?) - sparks blown backwards (compared to fixed runway lighting) especially as the a/c slowed. Would the crew attempt to use engine thrust to counter friction pulling bird to the left? If so, it worked well - skilled pihot!
I am confused. Why not blow the slide? Where they stuck in the cockpit? and if no slides (and that does not make sense) why did the stairs truck pull up to the cockpit window? The pilot that tried evac via the rope and the other that climbed out of the window could have seriously been injured. As a side note, American Airlines was in the process of surplusing our 757/767 Aircraft jacks and we offered a jack to lend a hand in the removal of the aircraft
One has to wonder if company procedures dictate NOT going into the cabin after a situation like this due to having HazMat on board and the possible breach of those containers. I would think there is some sort of Hazmat on every cargo flight.
Michael Ragsdale answered that question, above. FedEx 767s don't *have* slides.
yatesd 0
Slides cost money and the situation didn’t merit deployment in the eyes of the crew.
Antonello Davi -5
so more cost effective to shatter your ankle? or potentially die from 20ft?
Slides do not cost that much. We have crews that inspect and repack.
Did not merit deployment? You think the flight crew was thinking about saving costs when they climbed out? I cannot agree with you one bit
FedEx 767s don't *have* slides.
yatesd 1
You would have to ask them. I wasn’t the PIC.
it seems you were the PIC you wrote "the situation didn’t merit deployment in the eyes of the crew"

Guess you forgot to say "maybe"? But great landing skills and I hope the pilot is ok.
Notice the nose wheel settled off the ground... Maybe that made the drop much higher than expected. Also, being at night (can't see much) and possible wing fire... I'd want to get outta there ASAP as well. Do cargo MODs even include any slides?
sparkie624 2
The reason the nose gear is off the ground is because the left engine was supporting that entire wing/side of A/C. The engine is way far forward of the center of gravity... It would be natural for the Nose Gear to come off the ground in that situation.
David Aguilar 0
I hope the landing Gear failure doesnt lead to another safety matter for Boeing. Boeing already has a lot on the plate with the 737 MAX
sparkie624 1
I doubt it will.... The Max was a new design... this gear has been around for a Very Very long time.
Terry Briggs -5
And this is one of the new ones FedEx just bought. N158FE, new in 2018. Screwy how the old ones, 25 years+ are still doing fine and this occurs to a new one. Maybe one of those wrenches left laying around./s
hal pushpak 2
Indeed, is there a way to find out if this one was in the same run that the Air Force rejected/complained about?
Bryan Milton 2
Hey, what are you suggesting, a mechanic to blame ? , Shame . leave the investigation To the professionals and speculation to the bar
Glenn Roark 3
Terry Briggs was being sarcastic. See the "/s" at the end of his post?
Bryan Milton 0
Oh that’s alright then !”/s”
djames225 1
She is N146FE, but I agree with your "old analogy..146 is only a little over 3 years old.
Bill Harris 1
Looks more like N146FE.
Interesting flight plan for N146FE, Memphis (MEM) to Boston (BOS), then to Newark (EWR) before going on to Los Angeles (LAX) in a little over 12 hours.

Not sure what that 4:01 to 4:48 "First seen near Santa Monica" before landing at LAX again.
Robert Cowling -9


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