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Dash cam video shows emergency plane landing on LA 3235 South in Lafourche Parish

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LAFOURCHE PARISH, La. — A truck driver captured an emergency landing of a plane on LA 3235 South in Lafourche Parish Thursday morning. According to Derek Breaux, a Breaux Petroleum truck driver's dash cam caught the emergency landing on video around 8:00 a.m. ( Mais...

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Jim Houghton 4
The link says "Sorry, this content is not available in your region.", but it's available on YouTube.

Dashcam footage -

News report with interviews -
Mike Dryden 3
Lands over a fuel tanker on a road with more than a few crossing power lines... that could have ended so differently.

sharon bias 1
I'd fly with that captain any day. Probably not on that plane, however.
john krull 1
At the end of that video, it made me think, some people will go to any extreme to keep up the "social distancing Glad they pulled it off as well as they did though."
G Zorbas 1
What's the point in posting a link if, when trying to open it, the page returns NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION?


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