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Denver airport ordered to pay $33.5 million for noise violations

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Adams County got just what it asked for in its lengthy fight with Denver International Airport — a judge’s order that DIA pay $33.5 million for noise violations that impacted nearby neighborhoods during a three-year period starting in 2014. ( Mais...

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Larry Toler 2
Really? I left there in 2009. There were no neighborhoods anywhere near DIA then. I guess I need to look up Google Maps. I lived across from Buckley ARB and I've heard more there than DIA.
linbb -1
Well this makes the airport even a bigger fiasco than when they screwed up in the building of it. A good friend of mine caused its opening to be delayed by months. Just minor screw ups like the sky bridge came close to not working, floor cracking due to missing welds and supports that were supposed to be put in but never were until that happened. Oh and couldnt finish the runway to proposed length due to running out of money.
Robert Hamilton 2
Your friend is a troll like you!
linbb 0
FYI flew into there, road the tram underground, wondered why people were bracing themselves when they sat down. So rough riding it was more like a carny ride.
John Klos 2
Anyone that complains about noise, whose home was built AFTER the airport, should be turned away. You knew it was there, sorry for your buyers remorse. Those people should also NEVER be allowed to fly in/out of DIA either. DIA should not have to pay these ridiculous "violations".
not built, bought.
robin guess 2
I saw the same thing in AZ. I purchased a new home that was 4 miles north of Luke AFB. Before I signed the build contract I had to sign an acknowledgement that I was aware that there was military jets noise in the neighborhood.

Within a year everyone was trying to get legal action to have Luke shut down all of these idiots signed the acknowledgement.

As for DIA it was built well before the houses. If the residents were not aware of the airport at the time of the sale they should be suing there realtor for not disclosing the fact that the airport aircraft and that aircraft are flying overhead.
F A 1
The routing into/out of Denver recently changed and I wonder if the changes were in response to this Adam's county litigation??
mary susan watkins 1
no airport is perfect,either in construction or design...people surely are aware that if they are within certain proximity to an airport, they are going to get noise from aircraft overhead,and that there are certain flight paths used into into and out of an airport by all the carriers ..I live about 18 miles from the international airport here, and until the covid virus pretty much stopped all flights, I knew by the time of day there was a "bank" of flights coming in,as they often flew over my home or within a close proximity..


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