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Lufthansa May Sell Brussels Airlines or Let It Go Bankrupt

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Lufthansa (LHAG.DE) could let its Belgian subsidiary Brussels Airlines go bankrupt or sell it, La Libre newspaper reported on Friday, citing anonymous sources at the airline. ( Mais...

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Dan Chiasson 3
My guess is that, during these extremely difficult times for the airline industry, that Brussels will fail or allowed to fail. If much larger airlines such as Lufthansa need handouts, there are signs that a re-build will take place from the post COVID-19 ashes a few years down the road. Not they are a bad airline (I have flown them several times) but the market is in just too turbulent times for them, IMHO, to survive. They may be re-invented in some way with new ownership down the road but until then, , , , sad times.
pilotjag 2
Another great article...
Dan Chiasson 2
Plenty of room for them to clean up. Still have a bit of a colonial mindset in servicing West and Central Africa.
Chris Miller 1
Ah damn, Zaventem is such a nice airport though...
ADXbear 1
Hope they dave those jobs..
SkyAware123 1
You were asking for it when you name an airline brussels airlines. Nothing good comes out of brussels. Anyone remember Sabena?
Etienne Daniels 2
Brussels airlines has a good chance to survive, if... you get rid of government and labor union interference. The two things that killed SABENA and SOBELAIR. Zaventem, Brussels airport is also complicated. It is situated in the Flemish speaking part but Brussels is manly in the hands of French speaking (left wing ) politicians. Get the picture, it is indeed a mess.
Dan Chiasson 2
After seeing your reply, you are very optimistic in saying they have a good chance to survive based in the "baggage" you have mentioned. I sense something will rise from the dust in a few years.


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