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The Interesting Reason Why The Airbus A300 Got Its Name

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The Airbus A300 was the first official Airbus aircraft built. But why did Airbus choose the name A300 for its first aircraft and not a title like the ‘de Havilland Comet’ or the Concorde, or even start its series at ‘001’? ( Mais...

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matt jensen 1
Looking at Airbus’ line of commercial aircraft, you can see that there is a pattern.

Airbus A300 – Airbus’ first aircraft.
Airbus A310 – Widebody domestic aircraft. Smaller than the A300.
Airbus A320 – Narrowbody for domestic travel.
Airbus A330 – Twin engine widebody.
Airbus A340 – Four engine long-range Boeing 747 competitor.
Airbus A350 – The most modern airbus aircraft released to the market.
Airbus A380 – The famous double-deck aircraft.

You might realize that Airbus skipped over the A360 and A370 and went right for the A380. Airbus believed that the A380 was so big (with over 800 seats if all economy) that they should keep the other numbers like A360 for smaller aircraft it may create in the future (in the 400-500 seater range).
Robert Cowling 0
Wasn't the 340 an earlier plane? It makes Boeing look tame. Although the 757/767 seem, to me, rather similar. And where does Boeing go after a 797? And why did they start with 7xx?

We studied branding in a business class. It's sometime very fascinating how things are developed, branded, marketed.
Robert Cowling 1
Nah, pretty boring apparently.

A300 1972
A310 1982
A318 2002
A319 1995
A320 1987
A321 1993
A330 1992
A340 1991
A350 2013
A380 2005

Somewhat mixed, but...
Larry Toler 1
The first A340 I saw was at the '93 Paris Airshow.
Lee Withers 1
It appears it will continue to be a mystery to me because the post isn’t coming up.
Lee Withers 1
Interesting. I could not get either of the Simpleflying posts to come up on phone, but the A300 popped right up on my computer. Any geek have an answer for that?
william baker 2
They dont have a mobile site.
Lee Withers 1
Oh, question answered.
Martin Veleba 1
Thank you for the interesting information


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