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Southwest Airlines launches first summer fare sale. Wait. What?

In a CBS "Face the Nation" interview on Sunday, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly pushed a positive spin, stating that with physical distancing, masks and the deep cleaning of aircraft, it's time for air travel to resume. He said, "I don't think the risk on an airplane is any greater risk than anywhere else...It's as safe as an environment as you're going to find." ( More...

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John Atherton 12
It's that thinking that has kept Southwest as a favored airline among its devotees.
I beg to differ sir...all of the airlines are at present promoting not using middle seats,throrough cleaning and disinfecting of aircraft and now,wearing masks ..southwest ceo ,just as the other carriers upper level management,is seriously concerned about the bottom line, which is money..they have lost millions of dollars in revenue and have also stated as with other airlines,massive layoffs are projected without a "return to semi normalcy"...southwest has turned into a big carrier, and not just the "little engine that could folksy company: it once was..
Scott Rattray 10
None of which has anything to do w John’s comment...
David Stark 3
Apparently the sale is over already. The summer sale link in the article leads to a box saying that the offer is no longer available.
8984p 2
It's getting some good press though. Seriously, we ought to get back to flying again. Might those that "govern" us being a smidgen too cautious?
Paul Miller 5
With all the News Filled with the Virus for weeks now ? Thank goodness someone has said some positive words about getting past and over this dreadful calamity. We need this people OK ? Goodness me it's NOT going to be the end of the world, we will come though it and better maybe in the end too.
jet4ang 2
Their ad expired yesterday! What's the point?
patrick baker 2
bring some scientific test results, and watch people get on your flights. maybe.....
paul gilpin 1
why use science?
people have been flying between JFK/PEK on shuttles three times a day, since forever. ORD/PVG as well. on a daily basis.
Greg S 6
"I don't think the risk..." You might be right, but instead of 'thinking' it's ok you might instead do some science. Considering the incredible losses facing the entire aviation industry you'd think instrumenting up an exemplar aircraft or three with test equipment to get some answers about this would be peanuts by comparison. Don't just claim the HEPA system will clear most of the aerosolized virus, prove it. People need more than the words of a desperate CEO to convince them it's safe.
dcmeigs 3
Agree. If he had only stopped with “I don’t think” ...
Cancer in 2019. 1,8 million cases.,600,000 deaths. Coved-19. 1.2 million cases, 76,000 deaths.
90% recovery rate. 80% are mild cases. I know what you’re thinking...cancer is not contagious. Correct,
but we must begin to think about getting our lives and our country back to the norm. The lockdown is
stifling to millions. Our economy is dying along with those stricken by Covid-19. How do we do it?
Not by demonstrations, but by taking all the necessary precautions like face masks, distancing etc. and
moving forward.
If we don’t, then the USA, as we know it, will slowly begin to fade. We, as a people, cannot let that happen
for the sake of our young people in this country. (a vulnerable 85 yo senior, Korean vet, who loves the
good old USA)
Cindy Savage 8
Cancer kills many ppl, yes. Usually after treatment-surgery, chemo, radiation therapy-and after months to years. Covid has killed 76,000 after weeks. Covid patients die alone in the hospital. If you can't see the difference, I can't help you, you are regurgitating a political talking point without critical thinking. The economy is made up of people and most, Repub, Dem, and independent, are too frightened to go out, regardless of whether the stores are open or not. If you think it is reasonable to open, it is not unreasonable for me to ask, which two family members are you willing to sacrifice? After all, Lt Gov Dan Patrick has already said ppl over 70 are willing to die for the economy, even as he sues the state of Colorado to be allowed to "ride out" the pandemic in Gunnison. So, who is it? And, are you going to flag this comment as "inappropriate" after you've essentially told me, an ER doc, that you are willing to let me die? Snowflakes come in every age, but they have one thing in common, they can't stand to be inconvenienced. Whoever has to die to make them feel better is fine by them.
Dave Hahn 2
I’ll take you up on the challenge. I will sacrifice my sisters Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Well so much for humor. You conveniently let us know you are an ER Doc and hence an expert compared to us non medical types. Two thoughts there 1) the experts say we are 18 months to 2 yrs potentially away from a good vaccine 2) how many people will die because clinics and hospitals don’t diagnose people with sicknesses such as cancer in time to cure them because we can’t get in for such visits. It is the status here in Mn. That has been conveniently omitted from the stats. This whole virus thing while I admit is serious has morphed into one thing - sink Trump. The Dems were terrified with his economy and his rallies of 20k plus in supporters. Guess what - gone thanks to dem governors extending the stay at home orders. People are suffering in a way they may not recover sick or not. But hell as long as you liberals get your idiot Biden in there along with his successor as president you truly don’t give a damn about this disease. The Chinese flu has pretty much eliminated deaths from cancer,strokes, and every other disease it would seem. Here in Mn our Gov has opened resorts but not houseboat rentals which is absurd as they are just floating resorts. Walz has more concern about illegals and refugees then business owners. I will end with my concern about this Chinese flu as being a real issue but the solutions right now will destroy this country. All your medical knowledge won’t do you one bit of good when starving due to our food system being destroyed.
Joe Fiala 3
Mr Hahn made two reasonable points before getting a little too vague in making connections. The research that is available on Medscape concludes that there will be 33,890 excess cancer deaths in the next year in US due to delays in diagnosis and treatments due to the virus epidemic:
So that is a significant number but maybe only a fifth or sixth of the deaths due to covid virus. And anxiety and mood disorders and suicides are increasing. Asthma deaths will decrease. These are not easy decisions but I agree that poverty can kill by slower means. BTW, I won't take you up on the challenge with my sisters.
Dave Hahn 0
Will admit I was somewhat vague as I was bordering on getting really wordy in my reply. But it is fairly apparent you got my point. Why will asthma deaths decrease though. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the endless TV reruns I have been forced to watch on this semi lockdown ( I spent a lot of time at the airport where i keep my plane). You apparently need sisters like I was willing to sacrifice. Interesting that we as a nation constantly sacrifice our youth to useless wars in shitholes but are concerned about this issue. I served 23 yrs in the army and tired of trying to save a world which really doesn’t want us there. Sorry I morphed into something different but sacrificing youth is still death in the end
Joe Fiala 1
Air pollution is way down since we are burning gas like its the "70s.
So Spot-On Dave!!!! Thank you!
And by the way, the economy, if you measure it by the stock market the way our Dear Leader does, is actually doing quite well, having already made up most of its earlier losses!
The USA has long since faded and quite frankly I think we're to the point where a moderate natural disaster affecting more than just a single region will cause the collapse of the federal government.

Cancer, the flu, etc.; those numbers are as you stated, in a year. All those cases don't bombard the healthcare system at once. Covid has occurred over the space of a few weeks. Our healthcare system simply does not have the capacity to deal with them ON TOP OF background demand - and this is completely independent of the arguments over how we fund it - it fails one way or another.

If you're fine with collapsing the healthcare system, then just better hope you don't need it, and are fine with paying for that collapse out of pocket in the future.
rene burlet 2
Go fly if you feel the need. I'm driving to my summer vacation to rediscover America. Thats the best way to get us back to normal and keep $$ here at home.
Love flying, but can't argue with that. Getting there is half the fun!
rene burlet 1
Hope it works out for ya, remember to , airfares going up hotels more expensive and 20 million unemployed.
8984p 0
Bill of Rights, US Constitution any politician ever heard of those? I thought so. Freedoms lost are hard to regain. Let's get back to work NOW.....
ADXbear -9
All this get reopening is setting the world up for millions of older or sicker people to die..

We need a vaccine before we turn eceryone loose.
Silent Bob 7
You do know a vaccine is at best months, if not years away. And it’s entirely possible there will never be one, or it will become like the flu where there are different strains so you can never totally beat it. So do we just keep the world shutdown indefinitely?
Joe Fiala 0
It will be several months and there will be many dozens of vsccines coming out with every national lab, many universities , and many private labs working on them. Then we will get to compare them on news, see their marketing brochures and each decides which one to go buy or get the one that insurance covers. And no cleaning of air filters and surfaces will be perfect, so some will still get it from traveling, and that will be a legal mess.
Flattening the curve is saving lives because we aren't overwhelming the medical system. NOT because we are waiting for a "cure." It's estimated that less than one tenth of one percent of people will die from COVID19. What is scaring people is the rate of infection which causes a higher number of people to die in a shorter period. The goal isn't to eradicate the virus in the near term, but to control the number of people who get it over a longer period of time.
Dave Hahn 6
In the meantime hospitals are damn near empty and our valuable health professionals are losing their jobs- many permanently.
David Stark 5
It's not working, either. The NY governor put out stats yesterday that the overwhelming majority of new COVID patients (66%) are people who were staying at home.

Look where the virus is blowing through populations - nursing homes, cruise ships, rehab centers, and homes where people aren't getting out at all. CONFINED populations are accelerating the spread of the disease, not the ones who are still out and about, breathing fresh air, exercising and doing whatever else is different from being confined.

Confinement and constant mask use are the killers here. We do need to wake up.


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