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Coronavirus in NY: Passenger on JetBlue flight from JFK tests positive

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A passenger on a JetBlue flight from JFK Airport has tested positive for the coronavirus after landing in Palm Beach, Florida, according to reports. ( Mais...

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Torsten Hoff 6
Jet Blue has banned him from flying on the airline in the future. Bravo!
Roger Anderson 4
Holy crap that guy is irresponsible. Good on Jetblue
A Sellitto 4
If anyone on the flight contracts the Corona virus and then dies he can and should be charged with manslaughter
John Manley 1
Hm....... not sure if Daniel RYLOW is a troll or legit is this dumb........ hmmmmmmmmmm o.O

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Roy Hunte 7
I don't think FlightAware can help you with this. Only SQ can help with this. And Trump did it for a good reason.
Dale Ballok 5
PRESIDENT Trump didn’t make this decision by himself!
Nor does he make other decisions that affect the welfare and security of our country by himself.
This is not a travel site, it’s an aviation site!
Feel bad about your cancellation, but seek help elsewhere.
iteeej 1
Giving out your specific travel routing, ticket numbers, reference numbers, and full names have opened serious privacy concerns on your booking. Consider removing personal details.


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