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Donald Trump Doesn’t Want A Ban On Jet Engine Sales To China

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President Donald Trump has indicated that he will not support a ban on jet engine sales to China ( Mais...

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Pa Thomas 2
The checks cleared. He is for it.
Andy Cruickshank 1
And he is threatening increased taffis on Airbus!
Steve Drake 1
Look at all the triggered snowflakes here.
Kevin Keswick -3
The problem with Trump is he has surrounded himself with fanatics who want WW3 with China. People like Pompeo and Navarro who want to do everything they can to crush China for no other reason then China is about to overtake the US as the largest economy in the world. If they were so stupid to follow through with a ban of jet engine sales China would respond by banning the purchase of Boeing jets.
john andrew 9
Trump isn't the first to try and contain China- it was a priority of the Obama administration as well. If we go to war, it will be with a country that the administration thinks it could beat- Venezuela, Iran, North Korea. However, China and Russia have demonstrated that doing so would be idiotic.
Chris B 0
Yup those deplorable voters in Louisiana would lose their jobs if he banned the sales.
bigkahuna400 0
Thats because people would loose jobs, thus not help his re-election
bigkahuna400 -1
I would not put it past him to Tax Boeing purchases tho....
patrick baker -1
another fully explainable decision by the wizard of orange. At least he is not presently in favorof buiding engine assembly plants in china.


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