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Swoop Is Now Adding $2.56 Surcharge To Offset Costs For Air Passenger Rights Rules

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Over the course of 2019, Canada put into effect a series of new air passenger rights rules, but one of the concerns was that airlines would push back by increasing tickets prices. So said, so done. ( Mais...

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indy2001 1
Airlines are not non-profit organizations. If the government didn't want to let them tack on surcharges to cover the new policies, it should have banned them when the new regulations were written.
Roger Anderson 2
I don't think anyone disagrees with that. Most I'm sure have already included that bit of "insurance" into ticket prices. But I think Swoop is just being petty by saying, "you all wanted travel rights? Well pay up."
With Swoops record of cancelled bookings, missed flights and abandoned passengers, they are the reason we need a Bill of Rights!!


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