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Flybe Unveils Brand New Name: Virgin Connect

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More than 200 Flybe leaders and representatives have got together this week to unveil the brand new name for the airline. ( Mais...

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Robert Chapman 1
Think on the airline, little but lovely. It's been a god-send for the West Country tourist and business man, so don't knock it.
Stuart Fountain -1
Why anyone would want to be identified with Virgin/Branson is beyond all understanding. The so caledl Brit who has no assets in the UK, doesn't pay tax in the Uk and finances efforts to overthrow the democratic outcome of the Brexit referendum - stay away from anything to do with Branson
Tony Patrick 1
Spot on Stuart!
Bruce Grimson 0
Well done Branson and Virgin for keeping people in employment, especially with the threat of Brexit around the corner and the effect it will have on the aero and motor industry in the UK.


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