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Southwest pilots sue Boeing for misleading them on 737 MAX

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The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) said on Monday it had filed a lawsuit against Boeing Co (BA.N) alleging that the planemaker “deliberately misled” the airline and pilots about its 737 MAX aircraft. ( Mais...

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John Manley 7
I'd say this is more so the fact SWA pilots have lost significant flight time, pilots aren't upgrading, they aren't hiring as much so rise in seniority has been slow... The average SWA pilot has lost around 40,000$ or so since the MAX groundings... this 100mil lawsuit only covers about 1/4 of that loss... it will be nice for the piots for sure if they win the case but still its not all of the money they have lost. You gotta feel for them.... 30,000+ flights cancelled and even fully having to pull out of EWR and other fields by next month.... ouch. Glad the MAX is scheduled to come back in a month or two though which will really help Southwests pilots from major disaster including possible furlough... regardless who you work for, you would hate to see even your competitor crews have to get furloughed because of this MAX debacle.

I'm sure SWA will eventually find a way to bounce back. They always seem to have a trick up their sleeve when sh*t hits the fan.
Steve Brown 1
I'm not a pilot so I'll ask the dumb question: Is there some reason that the airlines don't just turn off the MAX system, put the planes back in the air, and let the pilots fly them?
G Aldridge -1
Time for MH370 to get a life...........
Niamh Harris 2
I think you need to considering you keep directing mindless hate towards this guy for just sharing updates on the situation at Boeing. Don’t get your panties in a twist, mate.
"sharing updates", that's awesome.
stratofan 1
I agree totally!
The guy has to eat, you know.
stratofan -3
Is there some unwritten maxim that you don't have to get familiar with a new type aircraft? Have they stopped doing check rides? As Neil Armstrong once said, "Sims are for learning." So you have less chance for error once in the air. This sounds like more shifting the blame or CYA.
Christian Parada 8
But not even Boeing's test pilots were told about all the features of the plane.
Hind sight and armchair quarterbacking will always be with us but,
If Boeing's own test pilots had been given "all" the information about MCAS features, could they have discovered the flaws and thus avoided the two accidents?
That makes no sense. Why would Boeing intentionally put their own test flights at risk?
Christian Parada 2
So they could make as many planes as they could in order make as much money as they could and compete with other manufacturers. It's no different than the automotive industry. GM, Ford, Nissan and more have allowed faulty products to roll out of their factories just so they could make the sale. Companies today are more focused on their next quarterly report than ever before.
Q: Why would Boeing intentionally put their own test flights at risk?

A: So they could make as many planes as they could in order make as much money as they could and compete with other manufacturers.

This is so dumb on so many levels.... I want some of whatever it is you're smoking,
Christian Parada 1
Don't confuse your lack of knowledge with someone else smoking something.
You don't really need a marketing degree to figure out crashing is bad for business.


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