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Delta operates a relief flight to the Bahamas

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Delta Air Lines made this announcement: A Delta MD-88 loaded with supplies departed Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Sunday morning for Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. The airline is working to determine whether additional flights are needed. The Delta Flight 9994 departed Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Sunday morning, landing at 10:59 a.m. at the Marsh Harbour Airport to deliver 4,700 pounds of critical supplies. Once supplies were unloaded, the flight departed for Nassau with 72 evacuees. ( Mais...

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David Isaacs 17
There was a post a few days about how Delta had a better reputation than other main carriers. Add this to the list of reasons.
Don Quixote 4
American Airlines did the same from Miami.
bartmiller 14
Congrats to Delta for stepping up.
selmer40 9
Delta also operated a similar flight Monday morning.
lecompte2 6
Delta has always had more class
Brad Littlejohn 10
This brings up an interesting prospect.. Is there a freighter option for the MD80/MD90/B717? I ask, because that could give the aircraft a second life, similar to the B737BCFs If the other large aircrafts at that time (B727, B737, etc.) could be converted to freighters, could not the MD80 series as well?
Zachary Colescott 10
Yes. Some MD-80s have been re-purposed to freighter life. I just saw one recently at the Smyrna, TN Airport (MQY) that had flown in from Mexico.
Kobe Hunte 6
I'm glad that they are using them for other purposes other than just scrapping them.
James Simms 5
That’s why I’m glad some of the MD’s American retired will go on to other airlines as either passenger or cargo aircraft
James Simms 5
See quite a few -80’s, -83’s here @ TCL flying in parts for the Mercedes Benz plant in Vance (Tuscaloosa), AL. Will also see the occasional 727. Matter of Fact, a 727 had it’s nose wheel gear collapse upon landing @ TCL several months ago.
Grant Baker 2
A missionary group I’ve worked with is using its DC-3’s to fly supplies to MHH. If you can, they need donations and funds.
lynx318 1
The airport there already has tons of supplies sitting out in the open, nearly half perishable, going nowhere. The people who needed the supplies have mostly left the islands now, not intending to return.


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