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NTSB: Collapsed landing gear to blame for Dale Jr.'s plane crash

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The National Transportation Safety Board determined a mechanical malfunction resulted in the plane crash in East Tennessee in which Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife, Amy Earnhardt, and their young daughter, Isla Rose, suffered minor injuries last week. The fiery crash took place on Aug. 15 at Elizabethon Municipal Airport in Elizabethton, Tennessee. Two other people — a pilot and copilot — as well as the Earnhardt's family dog, Gus, were on board the aircraft, and were uninjured, according… ( Mais...

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F.O. Krupke 3
This headline is misleading. The NTSB preliminary report can be read here:
linbb 2
Well I see we have another person trying to take the top troll spot with another misleading headline repeated after a new source did the same. It was not the cause of it bad landing caused it to collapse and when it did there was not enough runway left to stop in anyway. DUMB POSTER NEEDS TO go back playing video games on the net.
airuphere 2
This is a slightly more accurate headline from another source.

“NTSB: Landing gear collapsed as Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s plane bounced then crashed“

Give the article a read before you post their opener and their first paragraph as the discription. Media usually hasn’t a clue for aviation our job to interpret what is good and what is bs- the sumarize and post.
airuphere 1
I’ve posted the full report from NTSB as a Squwak.


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