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'Disaster': Travelers Decry '22-Hour' Delta Nightmare at JFK

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A Delta flight that was supposed to leave John F. Kennedy Airport Wednesday afternoon en route to Los Angeles was still stuck on the Queens tarmac the next morning, prompting a flood of angry tweets from frustrated passengers who said they were stranded at the airport a stunning 22 hours. The plane, Delta flight DL0975, had been supposed to take off at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. The airline's website shows it departing JFK at 9:20 a.m. Thursday. According to social media reports, passengers were… ( Mais...

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bizprop 5
NYC airports are the worst. Do my best to avoid them
Robert Cowling 3
It's amazing that after so many incredibly heinous episodes over the past few years, Congress hasn't put out any meaningful regulations to stop airlines from doing this to their passengers.

Yes, you are 'allowed' to exit the plane, but the airline is not REQUIRED to get you back on the plane before they leave. Only in America, right...

The duality of the FAA, both club, and support has made the airline industry in this country far too powerful. Including the manufacturers. The NTSB finds that the FAA has dragged their feet so many times, it's not funny any more...

I was 'stuck' once at the end of a runway at ORD, in a 777 waiting for weather to clear enough to leave. It was only about 45 minutes, and was excruciating. I can't imagine HOURS, let alone nearly a day. The Geneva Convention should come into play at some point. Good grief...
Bob Yurek -3
Maybe they should've taken off into the bad weather Robert. Would you have complained about that too? You should buy your own plane and fly yourself around. Seriously. It's way easier
jb3680550 3
While that jet sat on the ramp, DL would've had to make at least 2/3 crew changes. Some idiot at DL's JFK Ops couldnt figure out how to get the jet back to a gate or a remote stand?
John D 3
Just another reason to avoid NYC area airports whenever possible. The weather issues in NYC are legendary. You'd think airlines would be better equipped.
scott8733 5
It's not an airline matter as much as it is the overloaded space, even on a sunny wind-free day. I've said the same about ORD- all it takes is a bug to fart and the whole thing turns into gong show well, in a New York minute.
Someone flying from London to Los Angeles books a connection through JFK? No sympathy here.
Phillip Higgins 1
Can anyone help explain where they got the 22 hours from. I calculate some where close to 18 but what’s 4 hours between friends
mary susan watkins 1
weather situations ar never easy to readnor to handle..the issue from this article appears to have been not just the delay,but the taking the passengers on and off the plane more than once..usually thats not the way its handled..dl will hear about it with lawsuits and the like to be sure..
James Driskell 1
Well, if you have time to spare, go by air!
Brent Lee 1
Another example of corporate failure to empower local employees to maintain customer relations.
Alex Sullivnan 0
Ben Clark 1
😂Yes! I was thinking the same thing. I first heard that acrostic when in 1990!
Relics 0
Avoid EWR, JFK and LGA if you can. Weather gets bad up there and forces delays on everyone. Gotta love the people that want to complain about everything, rather be stuck or delayed than raising the risks by flying.
Greg77FA -3
Shame on Delta. Hope they get a lot of BAD PR - they earned it on this one and the person in charge should get slapped around.
Bob Yurek -2
Love how everyone has the solution but non of them work for an airline. Take the take a bus you non contributing zeros.


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