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Where Will Boeing Be in 5 Years?

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If you can look past the 737 MAX debacle, Boeing (NYSE: BA) has midterm prospects that appear to be very good. Unfortunately, the grounding of the aircraft has overshadowed a year of otherwise good progress at the company, which continues to lay the groundwork for future improvement. Let's analyze where it could be in five years, with a focus on its commercial operations. ( Mais...

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Tom Pera 9
Boeing will be fine... 737Max will be OK... this must have shaken management ... hopefully they learned something that will help them in future.... DC6 heater induced fires...fixed and flew for years L188 Electra harmonic induced wing failure... fixed and flew for years (as P3 Orion, too).... DC10 baggage/cargo door problem fixed...and many still flying with FedEx....
Cansojr 5
They will continue to be known as a great and classic aircraft manufacturer.
btweston -1
I can almost see you gritting your teeth.
Cansojr 1
Not good for your teeth.
Don Quixote 4
THEY WILL BE FINE! Quit trying to slander Boeing.
spaulsen121 1
I think you meant "libel." In the immortal words of J Jonah Jameson: "Slander is spoken. In print, it's libel."
btweston 0
Do you know what slander is? Capital LETTERS?
Toby Sharp 3
You are the biggest tool bag on this site btweston. Is this fun for you?
Robert Cowling 1
If they don't change their ways? BANKRUPT!


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