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Virgin flight comes within ‘seconds’ of crashing into drones at Heathrow

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An aeroplane missed crashing into two drones by 90 feet when it was coming to land at Heathrow Airport. Airline chiefs have taken renewed calls to crackdown on drones after the near-miss, which happened shortly before 5pm on February 14. The drones would have had the capacity to disable the engine and smash the windscreen, which could have injured the pilots. The B787-9 Dreamliner was transporting 264 passengers as it flew over Brentford in Essex. A report into the incident said: “The first… ( Mais...

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Cansojr -1
As crazy as this may sound vote it out. Instead of using the attractive option which is to shoot them down. Is it possible to determine how these mechanical flying rats must operate on a specific or a group of frequencies. If we can obtain the frequency and simply turn them off. Oh yes, all buyers and do it your-shelters you will need a license to operate them. Ban them from operating near airports.
Kenneth Schmidt 0
First and foremost, drones are restricted from flying within a 5 nautical mile radius of an airport unless; they get clearance from the tower or; they follow the restrictions stated in the FAA charts within that 5 nm ( ). Also, drones are restricted to fly under 400 feet. Unless you have FAA waivers, you must keep your drone within visual line of sight.

I go a step further as there are two unregistered heliports in town. I contact their dispatcher when I am close to them, to ensure there is no conflict, and if cleared, spend only the time granted, and report clear when on the ground. I also get express permission from property owners, such as farmers, to fly over their property.

Without that kind of respect for others, more restrictions can and will be placed on UAS operators.


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