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David Neeleman’s ‘Moxy’ Could Launch Long Haul Airbus A220 Flights

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He’s started up or been involved with more than six airlines to date, and now David Neeleman is at it again. The as yet unnamed airline, colloquially known as ‘Moxy’, has placed a huge order for A220 aircraft and could be the first to take them long haul. Here’s what we know so far. ( Mais...

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Christian Parada 2
Wow. I didn't know it could fly that far.
Brad Littlejohn 2
Yep, it can. The A220-300 has a 3200nm range, so that puts London-New York or London-Washington D.C. or Sydney-Singapore or Guayaquil-Las Vegas into play. It definitely has the range, so there's a lot that can be done, depending on the model.
Cansojr 2
It is really comfortable to fly in, you are not stuffed like the others. You can fly with AIR BALTIC in Riga. They have mastered service in this aircraft. I agree with everything Mr. Prigge said.
Paul Wisgerhof 2
Air Baltic's A220s have a 32" pitch and 18.5" width with a maximum of 150 passengers. Usually the front couple of rows don't use the middle or aisle seat and they call that "Business" class. It has a 30,000+ payload with full fuel.
djames225 3
Yes Air Baltic's A220-300 have a 32 pitch and 18.5" width seat, but only 145 pax...and it is really comfortable to fly in...
Wolfgang Prigge 2
I don’t know about Air Baltic, but the CS100 of SWISS is very comfortable, far better than B787 for example, which was done in by the airline’s greed, cramming in 9 seats across where the original layout was 8, in 2-4-2 configuration.
golfbum971 0
It's bad enough using narrow bodies on oceanic flights this is just adding insult to injury. Who am I kidding though airlines don't care about your comfort!
Wolfgang Prigge 4
In fact, comfort for coach passengers in the A220 is one notch another A320 series and two above anything called B737. Seats are wider, and there is a surprising amount of space for your knees. I had a window seat and could get out without asking my wife to stand up.
Wolfgang Prigge 4
Correction: one notch above of anything in the A320...
ToddBaldwin3 4
There's nothing wrong with using a narrow body for long haul flights. I spent a lot of time crossing both the Atlantic and the Pacific in DC-8s and 707s.
djames225 3
You have obviously not had a CS300/A220-300 flight
Tobin Sparfeld 2
If only passengers had some choice about which airline operators they could fly or choose their seat room/level of service.
btweston 3
They care about selling tickets, and if people will buy them...

Just look at Ryanair. People always talk about how terrible it is, but then they see the prices and sign right up. As long as consumers opt for the product that’s $1 cheaper than the other, airlines (and other producers) will say, “Okay!”

Vote with your wallets, folks. I’d you don’t want to be jammed into a sardine can for hours with no food, don’t pay for it.


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