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Chinese carrier asking Boeing for compensation

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One of China's three major state-owned airlines has joined carriers that are asking Boeing Co. for compensation after suspending use of its 737 Max jetliner following two fatal crashes. Executives of China Eastern Airlines Ltd. said at a news conference Tuesday the carrier has "lodged claims" with Boeing over the disruption, according to Chinese news reports. The reports by state television, the China Youth Daily and other outlets gave no financial details. But they said the… ( Mais...

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bentwing60 6
So, does this mean we can get some money back for all that chinese made "junk" they sell at harbor freight that breaks the third time you use it, if you are lucky? pure sarc.! I won't shop there but I can't afford Snap On anymore either. As for the thread, the cost of this Boeing misadventure should not only be in dollars but also in an upper management shuffle.
Shenghao Han 1
You should try get a refund or vote with your wallet. There is always a reason why something is cheaper, planes, toothbrush etc. (That said, Chinese do make some nice things at surprising low price. There is a very effective way to check if you are looking at a rip-off or rebranded ODM products, see if there are similar products with IDENTICAL shape/feature...)

That said Boeing do need shake up the upper management. Not only they are trailing behind Airbus product’s line up, it seems they have bigger problems with the method they are using to catch up...
Jamar Jackson 3
Boeing was a dog last year snitching and crying to the FTC, now they getting that karma no Vaseline. Snitches get stitches
Jon Van Staalduinen 1
As soon as they are able to build their own they will. Like everything else we used to make here.
I think i should be forcing my kids to start learning chinese.
chalet 0
I have Heard tht the number of high powered law firms from NY, London, Washington and other major cities, and small ones too, deployed their lead men to visit with the relatives of the deceased passengers and when it was obvious a bid Boeing issue with its darn MCAS some of the the same law firms approached the management of Lion Air and Ethiopian offering legal assistance in instituting legal action against Boeing. It is easy to see that billions (not millions) of Dollars are in play and not all all of that is secured by inusrance polity since this is a clear case of D
chalet -1
Contd.: a clear case of Damaged Goods, to put it in the vernacular.
chalet -1


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