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How Did the F.A.A. Allow the Boeing 737 Max to Fly?

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With virtually every day that has passed since the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which killed a hundred and fifty-seven people, more disturbing news has emerged ( Mais...

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Cansojr 3
It's called the "Old Boys Club".
patrick baker 2
;boeing needs to be reigned in, spanked, and sent to it's room, but when they pay proper attention they do build useful, efficient airliners, apparently when they build airliners that can act like airbuses (taking control from pilots, more or less)- then not so much. This is like being held hostage, or also like when flying Spirit, Allegient, you get the idea.....
pat prendergast 1
How come that 376 737max aircraft were not a problem, was the aircraft altered in some way on later models or were there issues that have not been reported since the launch in 2017?
Graham Manley 1
My assessment is this. Like most components on an aircraft, the AoA sensors were built to a high standard and rarely failed. However some did fail at a critical stage during takeoff. Those that did fail on aircraft with OPTIONAL extras that detected failure and warned the pilots, did not cause an accident, just an incident. Those that failed on aircraft without the OPTIONAL extras relied on the pilot guessing correctly what was going wrong and taking corrective action in a matter of seconds, and where they did not, the plane flew itself into the sea or the ground.
pat prendergast 1
Thank You, so it would seem the 737max aeroplane is fine if it has this extra item fitted which presumably will now happen as standard, a very expensive lesson for Boeing and how sad so many had to die due to the lack of an extra!


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