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Several Wow Air flights is cancelling dozens of flights amid fears of possible collapse

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WOW Air cancelled dozens of flights today amid rumours of financial difficulties. ( Mais...

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belzybob 2
James Steiner 1
The Wow Air charter from Miami to Holguin, Cuba was canceled yesterday. Unsure if it was due to MX issues or lack of aircraft.
rapidwolve 1
That was not the only 1 James. "On March 25, flights to/from Chicago, London, and Pittsburgh are canceled, as well as charter flights from Miami to both Havana and Holguin"

Flights are also cancelled today and tomorrow. Hopefully so they don't strand more passengers, or maybe they figure the dollars saved will keep them in the air.

Maybe, too, this will be a wake-up call to other low cost cut throat airlines..don't try and undercut every other Tom, Dick or Harry airline out there, and treat the customers (they are the 1's after all paying your way) with respect and stop gouging them.
James Driskell 0
Captn Eddie Ricketyback is expanding the Trans-Dogpatch Airlines. Maybe they can pick up the slack!


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