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Airline Regulators Grapple With Engine Shutdown Perl

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As a Qatar Airways flight dodged thunderstorms on approach to Shanghai in 2006, it encountered a problem that, until recently, was considered virtually impossible: nearly four miles above the earth, both engines of the big Airbus A330 shut down at the same time. ( Mais...

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nilayr 0
On a fighter plane one can safely eject. Some single engined aircraft have aircraft parachutes in addition to low stall speeds. On planes carrying hundreds of passengers why cannot a passenger compartment be ejected and made shatter proof? So even if in the worst case scenario it hits the ground at terminal velocity the passengers will survive. The latest space shuttle trajedy highlighted this - the astronauts were still alive - may be unconscious though - but alive when their cabin hit ground.
If there is really a defense against malfunctions then high altitude is the best time for ejection of a pressurised cabin. Airlines would save a bag of money on insurance costs, and the FAA and NTSB would not be breathing down everyones neck. The pilots would have their own cabin and hijacking fears would be absent. Further as planes moved to sub-orbital heights and used lighter hydrogen engines stronger cabins would be needed.
So all in all kick out this old technology and 8086 processors and bring in the new.
olddieselguy 0
Gosh, I was thinking would it be beneficial if the compressor blades were Teflon coated?


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