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Air China #CA983 made an emergency landing Siberia due to a fire alarm, all passengers evacuated via emergency slides

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An Air China flight carrying 188 passengers from Beijing to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Siberia on Tuesday morning. ( Mais...

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Viv Pike 1
"A check of the Boeing 777 suggested a malfunction in the alarm system as no sign of fire could be found, the company said."

More worrying for me, if the system malfunctioned with no fire, it could also malfunction WITH a fire. Therefore, the possibility exits that in the case of a real fire, a malfunctioning alarm system may not alert the crew. And we all know how that could end.
Shenghao Han -5
Those are usually fail-safe.
Bro, you broken? Shit hits the fan! Panic everyone, panic!
Highflyer1950 0
You would think in today’s electronic age with External camera displays that the OEM’s would offer CCTV viewing of all the cargo compartments on their planes. At the very least an aftermarket install that would be quite easy to do?
Dubslow 8
There's no way they'd be able to get visuals of everything that would need to be checked. The fire alarms are meant to detect stuff as small as smoldering wires hidden away behind the walls, you'd never see that on a camera.
Dubslow 6
Here's another way to think of it: if the fire on an aircraft is already large enough to be visible to people standing in the aisle/center of the cargo hold, then you're already in deep, deep trouble and at great risk of losing every life onboard. Visual confirmation is already *way* too late.
Highflyer1950 1
Actually I meant CCTV available to the cockpit displays which may show a confirmation of the alarm by visable smoke. There is no fire detect system that I’m aware of that allows monitoring of “wires hidden behind walls” other than circuit breakers. Furthermore an on board halon discharge system in case of a cargo hold fire would definitely have an effect on live cargo but that would be the price to pay to save the plane,
Torsten Hoff 1
I think there will come a time when the manufacturers will need to not just monitor for possible fires and have suppression systems, but prevent them from ever starting by inerting the cargo hold similar to fuel tanks. The only real obstacle to that seems to be the ability to transport live animals in the cargo hold.
Shenghao Han 2
Freighters actually do have fire suppression systems. But similar system isn’t on passenger flights due to weight and partially due to it is prohibited to carrry passengers with dangerous cargos, making fire much less probable, that is the reason you can’t check a laptop or camera with their battery installed.

It is also a game of probably, airlines (and by extension airplane makers) are gambling a plane won’t catch on fire, just like you don’t wear a hard hat when walking down the street to get a coffee (unless you work on a construction site). Needless to say the fire proofing on a plane is much better than a BMW, or a burning Farrari/Lamborghini.
Relics 0
Gotta agree with that, some type of visual in the cargo just to verify if that’s exactly what’s going on.
Kevin Haiduk 0
So they should have bought a Nest or Ring on the plane? :-)


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