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Happy 50th 747!!

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Every day millions of people fly, it is an accepted way of life - but that has not always been the case. From the early days of commercial aviation, flying was limited to business travelers and those with the means to purchase the very expensive tickets. Destinations were also limited requiring a number of connections to fly between major cities. In 1969, that all changed as an incredible invention was revealed to the world. On Feb. 9, 1969, the Boeing 747, called the “Super Jet,” and dubbed the… ( Mais...

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Billy Koskie 3
Freight requirements likely will make the 747 the jet version of the DC3. The 747 is a tough aircraft with a healthy supply of parts to keep them flying for decades. Meanwhile, it would appear the A380 won't fly anywhere nearly as long. Others may know better than I, but it would appear the cost to make a freight conversion isn't viable.
Kobe Hunte 1
the video is actually quite interesting.. check it out!
Robert Pearse 1
Started flying the 707 water wagon mid 60's, the 707 variants plus the hotrod 720B, great airplanes. All the Boeing equipment were fabulous aircraft to fly. The DC-10 was a total pleasure, so quiet. The 747 was a career dream, that was achieved in my last 8 years. Fabulous aircraft and very forgiving, mostly,
this airplane was a dream to land so smooth in any weather, a solid machine in every aspect. Getting to the cockpit with bags was a challenge, up the spiral staircase as well as coming down the stairs, yikes. worth every moment in the left seat. Never regretted a moment.
Kenneth Schmidt -4
You would think they would be scrap fodder by now, except the recent 747-8's. Park them next to the 707's and A300's and fly something profitable.
joel wiley 2
I suppose the 13 744s and 9 748s in the UPS fleets are still penciling out in the black.
They still have a few air miles left in them.
Kenneth Schmidt -3
The box of socks I just got doesn't much care about amenities or comfort. It did not complain. For all I know, it rode to DSM in an A300. But as I alluded with the 707 and 300's, they are parked somewhere collecting dust, as they should be.

As a passenger, I prefer modern and comfort. And unlike my box of socks, I complain if forced to be packed into some old aluminum tube for a few hours. Bad enough I have an old body, why suffer the indignity of flying in one? And the carriers agree to an extent. Why offer a product that is not attractive to it's clientèle or bottom line?
matt jensen 1
Loved my time in the 707s and 720s. An indignity was flying in a boxcar with 300 some sweating east indians

joel wiley 1
"Why offer a product that is not attractive to it's clientèle or bottom line?"
Because when it gets down to the bottom line, the focus is on return on shareholder equity.
The comfort and happiness of the self-loading cargo is tertiary to airline industry's above noted mission. Customer amenities is much like a computer's user friendliness - someone worked very hard to hid the sharp edges of the underlying structure.
Kobe Hunte 0
ya but there is gonna be practically no double decker planes soon.. we enjoyed them while they were useful.. now lets just move on and call it memories..


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