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A passenger is suing United for allegedly covering up an incident that “nearly resulted in the loss of all life aboard”

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A United passenger is suing the airline for allegedly covering up an incident last year that “nearly resulted in the loss of all life aboard.” Flight 931 from Chicago to London was forced to make an emergency landing in Goose Bay, Canada only a few hours into the journey after the windshield shattered, the cause of which United blamed on a bird strike. Upon landing, passengers were allegedly required to stay onboard the aircraft for eight hours until a replacement plane arrived. ( Mais...

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Lee Withers 4
And the point of this suit is, and what will it rectify??
Kenneth Schmidt 6
The article never ever said anything about loss of life, or life threatening conditions. In fact, the article said very little in the way of details. Not very credible on it's face.
Christopher Whitt 4
Agreed. Not an ideal scenario, but mechanical issues happen, regardless of cause. Sure there might be reason to doubt the bird strike scenario but the pilots can't conclusively explain it either - they were probably speculating as well as anyone else. Diverting was the appropriate action and of course they had to stay on the plane if there was no customs available to clear the passengers into Canada. Sounds like someone who doesn't understand how aviation works.
linbb 3
The person suing them needs to be banned from all airlines, busses and any other form of transportation including bikes.
ian mcdonell 1
Sounds like a lot of BS to me
swanaero1 1
Maybe they had a bird strike after takeoff, all seemed fine, and the window broke later. Whatever, most windows the inside pane is the structural, if no cracks felt with fingernails safe to continue.
Colton Fletcher -1
however united in is a tacky/seedy airline


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