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Helicopter bursts into flames, killing entire crew near world's longest zipline in UAE

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A rescue helicopter has crashed near the world's longest zipline, killing its entire crew in Ras al-Khaimah in the northeastern area of the United Arab Emirates. ( Mais...

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bbabis 3
Ziplines are cool but nearly invisible to helicopters. I wonder if they knew exactly what they were responding to. RIP
AWAAlum 2
The cause of the accident wasn't mentioned. I've no clue why they even mentioned the zipline other than to draw further readers.
bbabis 1
Rotor system ate the zipline. In that environment, no way they saw it. Sad.
AWAAlum 0
Do you mean a wire strike caused the crash? The only reference I've seen about that is one that says "allegedly".
steve lowy 1
This article was poorly written and ommited important information. Another article says the rotor hit the zip line.
AWAAlum 1
Aha - would you be good enough to post the link to that article? Thanks in advance.
steve lowy 2
Colin Seftel 3
Latest update here:


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