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First all female crew from Windhoek to Frankfurt for Air Namibia

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Namibia's ambassador to Germany, Andreas Guibeb, posted the feat on his Facebook page on Friday when he joined other Namibians in congratulating the women for their hard work. The crew consisted of Captain Cornerlia Hahn, the airline's first female captain for the Airbus A330. The first officers were Carol Hein and Eunice de Groot. ( Mais...

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Lance Neward 5
On a US domestic commercial flight recently, the entire crew was female. The captain, in her preflight announcement, welcomed the passengers to "our unmanned flight".
Sharon Sloan 1
I think of this as positive reinforcement. Or sharing good news. I am a bra-burner from the 1960's. These things take a while.
AWAAlum 1
Oh that's good !
Jamar Jackson 5
Impressive. I believe Delta had an all female crew also. Our daughters and nieces can fly jets too.
Wolfgang Prigge 5
Air Namibia is a tiny airline with only 10 aircraft. Two of these are A330, they service the Windhoek to Frankfurt run on 6 days per week. At present only one of their female captains is qualified on the A330, so it’s a lot harder for Air Namibia to have an all female crew than for Delta.
AWAAlum 5
Isn't it just crazy that closing in on 2019, this is newsworthy.
Kieran Kelleher 2
Irish airline Aer Lingus has all-female crews for quite a while. Here is a short video of all-female crew on inaugural Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to LAx in 2016. . How great to see women having equal opportunity and being an example for the young children of today.
Guy Lessard 1
How come there is NO pictures of the pilots ..?
Thomas Mendrala 4
Guy Lessard 1
Thank you Thomas , happy holidays to you !! ( and Merry X-mas )
Greg77FA -3
Since when did gender equality mean an all female crew? How is that equal?
Torsten Hoff 9
If there are all-male crews, why can’t there be all-female crews?
Coalora 2
In newspeak "euality" means the people who were previously in a minority completely replace the former majority.
AWAAlum 1
Don't be dense.
Christian Parada -5
I hope nobody looses their emotional support mouse.
matt jensen -5
Or fish


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