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Boeing stock plunges after its 737 plane goes down in Indonesia

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Boeing’s share price dropped nearly 7 percent Monday after one of its newest planes careened into the Java Sea off the coast of Indonesia with 189 people on-board. ( Mais...

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Jonathan T-Cole 1
... electrical system problems stemming from its lithium-ion batteries!
linbb 1
Really where did you find that or did it come out of that lower hole of yours? No different than the stock closing lower as Airbus stocks also did so it was nothing to do with this accident.
linbb 1
So airbus uses them also gulfstream and more do too and I found no problems with any of those installations but hey with your lack of understanding you would make a good new reporter.
Cansojr 1
What qualifies you you to be the final voice related to the fall in stocks? If one of their newest aircraft goes down it will certainly make the market jittery. Boeing has had no end of problems with a battery prone to overheating to the point that a fire is imminent. The 787's had a terrible record with ANA a major launch customer grounded their new fleet several times because of the lithium ion batteries were catching fire or producing noxious smoke. Air Canada delayed their arrival of 787's because of these problems and they were one of the largest launch orders. Is your hat on a little too tight?


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