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Vintage airplane to become cocktail lounge at new TWA Hotel at JFK

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A vintage Lockheed Constellation is set to undertake a long, slow journey from Maine to New York where it will be turned into a cocktail lounge. ( Mais...

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Richard Orgill 7
Had 1.3 hours in a Super Conny back in 72. Glad to see this is being put to good use instead of chopping it up.
dee9bee 6
I know my glass is 'half empty', (no pun intended) but I wonder how much a bottle of 'Bud will cost? Still worth the price, once.
sparkie624 9
It would be worth a visit just to see it... See the history. Problem is many today with short memories and those who are too old to remember will not appreciate it. I am sure the drinks will be high, but you do not have to consume alcohol to appreciate its history.
scott8733 8
Can't wait to see the toll that poor driver has to pay to cross the GW bridge, albeit that there's still potholes large enough to swallow the plane up.
Rob Tappan 1
It would not take the GWB but more likely the Whitestone to get to JFK.
tom treutlein 4
throgs neck
Turn right in 30 feet. Ooops! Too late.
Michael Hoare 4
I am a member of Historical Aircraft Restoration Society HARS in NSW Australia and our pride and joy is a Military version C121 Constellation recovered from Davis Monthan Airbase,restored and flown home to our museum in Albion Park Rail 1 hour south of Sydney.She is a beautiful old bird and still performs very well.An amazing fact is that our Connie and the Breitling Super Connie in Switzerland were both built next to each other.HARS Connie was #4176 & Breitling was #4177.
peter ring 4
It was just in our local news, The Hauler got a flat tire on Route 495S on the trip to NY and it created a tourist traffic jam. Not every day you can catch a Connie on the side of the road.
Roy Talbot 6
Good idea using a Constellation for a Jet Age hotel
Mark Lansdell 2
Many moons ago in the mid to early 50s I flew EWR to BAL with my mother. While not my 1st flight this one was on a Constellation. I don't recall the carrier, but Eastern was our regular air line out of Newark to Baltimore. What a treat. It was many years later that I flew on my first civilian Jet . I think it was a Viscount from New York to the Islands.
Kevin Keswick 2
Years ago a Constellation served as a cocktail lounge at the Toronto Airport Constellation Hotel - the hotel was torn down a few years ago (sadly because the original Hotel Tower was iconic) Here is a picture of the "Connie"
Hugh Kelso 3
Kevin, I think the Connie you're describing is the one now at Museum of Flight in Seattle repainted in TCA (Trans Canada Airlines) livery of the period.
Kevin Keswick 2
That must be it - glad to see it found a good home
John Moffatt 2
Hugh is right Kevin. It was moved from the hotel some time before the hotel closed and served as a restaurant at the north end of YYZ before being sold. I used to eat there after work. Another lose for the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) history.
Kevin Keswick 1
Yes I remember when it was parked on the north end of the airport (where the Signature Aviation terminal is IIRC).
Graeme Smith 2
There is a Constellation as the FBO at - 4N1 - Greenwood Lake Airport.

Landing it on the (then) 2,500ft runway took a bit of doing.
a1brainiac 2
How are the seats spaced and what is their pitch ? Drinks served on trays ? Is the restroom the same size ?
zuluzuluzulu 2
old, wingless but sexier than anything flying today
Edward V Esteve 2
Wow ! Took my 3rd flight (ever until then) in a tri-tail " Connie " in 1947 (PAA Livery)on a 24 hour flight from Idlewild (JFK) to Lisbon,Portugal, with an overnight stopover ( due to weather ) in Gander,Newfoundland and a fuel stop (tremendous headwinds)in Shannon Ireland.What an adventure for an 11 year old...And what a magnificent aircraft...everything was "First-class" !
My buddy was stuck behind this plane as it was trucked down 95 from NH through MA. Got some great pictures though!
I think its a wonderful idea, along with the hotel itself..a little history along with a modern be sure it will bring back memories to an older crowd, and be a "wow" to younger travellers...
look up the information on the twa hotel being built and you will find the information on the whole project..interesting information..
Allan Shinogle 1
Back in 1958, when I was a young boy, my family flew from Germany to New York in a Super Connie. I still remember a lot of that trip. Awesome, simply awesome.
If they build this...I will visit it.
Lois Lettini 1
Did the Connie fly from either LFA or JFK to BOS in the 60s. Because I am rather certain that is what I flew one time. It was not luxurious, though, believe me.
Article says: "Once in New York, the L-1649A Starliner will serve as the cocktail lounge outside TWA Hotel, a hotel that promises to bring back "the magic of the Jet Age."
The Constellation, a jet?


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