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Ryanair ‘refuses to pay compensation’ to thousands hit by strike action

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RYANAIR is refusing to pay compensation to thousands of customers hit by flight cancellations due to strikes, reports say. ( Mais...

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Ric Wernicke 5
You know it will be a bad day when you arrive at your European hub late, and the only choices are Ryanair or Easyjet.
ian mcdonell 3
Ryanair - the gift that keeps on taking
djames225 1 this case, perhaps they too should pull off a Cathay Paciic, only, in this case, forget the y..Ranair
djames225 1
And now it has been confirmed that the court of the European Union has upheld the claim for compensation and has judged in favour of Ryanair. Serve the jackasses right if they lost 1/2 their customers because of their greed.
Billy Koskie 1
I don't know about the law there, but in the US a strike allows a company to declare force majeure and not be responsible or liable for any costs incurred by others. It does beg the question, though, about returning the paid fares for a flight that was cancelled for reason of strike. My background would be more about material being delayed for delivery due to strike, which in turn allowed a free and clear cancellation of the order. I wonder if the union has any legal exposure?
RECOR10 -5
Perfect reason why so many companies in the US move to "Right to Work" states. I have zero time for labor unions, period. Go out of my way to find non-union labor, and, every few years we get some of our staff who get a wild hair and try to unionize, they are promptly fired for disrupting the work place (and, not hired by another facility in a 100 mile radius).
James Driskell 5
So what would you rather do? Roll everyone's wages back to the 1933 level? Then who would buy your products? Seems to me a rather small view of the world.
James Driskell 3
The solution to Ryan Air is to fly someone (anyone) else!
RECOR10 -2
Pay is simply commensurate with the profitability and or cost center of a particular FTE. If an RN. CNA, LPN, NP and on and on does not create a profit for the facility, they are not long to stay. If they dont like their pay, well, they are welcome to go to another faclity and get more (if they can, they cant).

As to the topic at hand, Ryan did not start nor control the strike. So, not their fault. I would not pay either. For instance, a local L1 Trauma center near us goes on "Divert" any time they hear on the radios there is a shooting in the projects...that is simply smart business. We all know the gang bangers will never pay their bills, will steal anything not tied down and are not worth the trouble. The same scenario is taken when nursing staff try to unionize, simply, nip it at the bud and let some other facility deal with it.
djames225 3
The strike wasnt all about pay, matter of fact very little about pay..was more to do with conditions and proper seniority. And I dont care if it's a R.T.W. state or not, a company starts going against labour laws, ie promoting a younger person over an older person due to age etc, and crap will hit the fan.
RECOR10 -1
The thing is, who DESERVED the promotion and what person was a better asset to the company? That is what Unions fail to want to comprehend.
djames225 2
I didnt say deserved, I said age etc..I have seen it happen first hand..a 21 yr old university degree upstart, with little to no real knowledge of the inner workings, got a promo over a 36 yr old college grad who had been with the company 10 yrs and was a damn fine and hard working worker. The union stepped in and helped. Not say this is always the case, but not all strikes are about money!
djames225 1
Airlines are locked into their roles via the Railway Labour act from the early days
pagheca 1
I did not understand if, at least, they reimbursed the flight ticket. Looks obvious to me they did, but the article doesn't mention this. Can someone confirm?


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