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Hi Fly A380 to be grounded indefinitely after the collision with a jet bridge

Paris - On September 7, the Hi Fly A380 (9H-MIP), which currently operates on behalf of French carrier Air Austral, has been grounded following a collision with a jet bridge at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. ( More...

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Flying again. Today 12 SEP 2018 UU978 CDG RUN
Peter Blouin 5
Good work!
Carl Cinardo 3
No one walking wing?

Peter Blouin 2
That photo of the engine in contact with the jetbridge seems minor. Is there more damage to the pylon/wing attach point?? Seems odd to "indefinitely" ground this aircraft...
skylab72 0
Impossible to determine from photo... engine hanger bolts and Wing spar stringers for that pylon's hangers all need difficult inspections. Indefinite just means "we don't know when we will get to this.""
Tim Hunter 1
So, escuse me, but HOW DOES that HAPPEN??
Peter Maas 1
Tow driver was not alert. And what happened to the ground person who is to guide the jet ????


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