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Lufthansa reveals the first A330 with new livery

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Frankfurt - Lufthansa revealed the first Airbus A330-300 with its new livery. The nine-year-old A330-300 registered D-AIKO is now on routes with the new color scheme of German flag carrier. ( Mais...

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Iain Robertson 6
Nondescript. Needs a splash of yellow.
Christian Parada 3
Saw an A350 with the new livery in Denver last week. Looks good.
yawn - how boring. The yellow egg is gone - nobody can recognize LH planes in the sky anymore. LH management succeeded to destry a world-known brand! Now LH planes look like everybody else - yawn!
Stefan Sobol 1
Not a whole lot different from the "old" livery.
patrick baker 0
see, that new paint scheme results from having color blind people on the new-color committee: the new scheme looks just the same to them as the old scheme, the old scheme which is and was iconic to those of us who perceive all the colors in the rainbow. boo, hiss.... now lufthansa is , at least on the outside, bland, boring and non-destinctive. My eyes were drawn to the patch of yellow, now where are we supposed to be drawn to???
Peter Maas 0
Deutschland uber alles.Looks good.
iknarf 0
Wenn auch die neue blaue Farbe besticht, jetzt erkenne ich einen Lufthansaflieger aus der Ferne nicht mehr! Das Gelb war so einleuchtend...


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