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Iran receives more airplanes ahead of renewed US sanctions

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Iran acquired five new commercial aircraft on Sunday, a day before the U.S. begins restoring sanctions that had been lifted under the 2015 nuclear accord with world powers. The arrival of the ATR72-600 airplanes at Tehran's Mehrabad International Airport represented perhaps the last benefits Iran will see under the nuclear deal after President Donald Trump withdrew from it in May. Economic woes are sparking sporadic, leaderless protests across the country. ( Mais...

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Andre Amaral 1
As unlikely as it may seem, it is about time the rest of the world came together to find a way of doing business and get by WITHOUT the US, side-lining it completely! Countries should pay the initial cost and start replacing the US as source or destination of their trade, getting rid once and for all from this financial bullying. It would be interesting to see how well the US would do by itself, isolated from the rest of the world, tasting just a little of its own venom...
Stephen Hewitt 1
Airbus makes the wings in UK. Mobile , AL, builds down here. Recently found out they are looking for local US suppliers.
Stephen Hewitt 1
Excellent comment on tariffs. I recently had a similar statement in a speech. Being British and have been in the USA for over 30 years, legally I might add, I have strong feelings about how US money is abused overseas. My first job in the UK army was driving Nukes around Germany. If we cut across a field the US/UK had to pay damages! Go figure!
Roger Kassebaum 1
Cut the UN Funding.

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Bruce Bowe 1
Well said, very well said.

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Roy Hunte 10
They can't, there are too many US made parts on Airbus aircraft. So they come under the sanctions as well.


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