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INSIGHT FROM BOMBARDIER: Celebrating 20 Years of the Q400 - The Reliable All-Terrain Turboprop

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For 20 years, the Q400 aircraft has helped develop new markets, connect underserved cities, and make safe, reliable air-travel possible even in the world's most remote locations ( Mais...

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DAL521 4
love the Q400, hope to see her for a next 20 years :)
Andy Cruickshank 4
Great recollections of Q400 operations in Greenland and Iqaluit Canada. Inhospitable terrain and aircraft serving remote tiny communities. A wonderful aircraft doing great work
Dave Fisher 2
great video on the first and last Dash 8 (Q400) @ Piedmont Airlines
Terry McKinney 1
I have made similar comments to Jim Lynch in the past about Bombadier and he has it right. The family has prferred shares which enable them to out vote major shareholders. When people try to defend the amount of taxpayer funding (but we have no shares) by referring to Airbus or any other aircraft maker they don't realize that Canada has a population of only 35 million. The C series now the AB220 should never have been developed. I am glad that I have an ally in Jim Lynch.
Jim Lynch 1
Great aircraft, abysmal company. So many REALLY great airplanes sunk, destroyed, sold or given away by just terrible management and a piss-poor sales force (yes, I mean that). I am sure there are SOME family-run companies that are well run, but this ain't one of them. More than 2 Billion sucked out of taxpayers pockets to prop up a private company!! and their Rail Division is JUST AS BAD. I learned decades ago never to work for a family-run company... and this is a prime example. Now their claim to fame is a "new" LED interior and ONE 20-year-old aircraft? Desperation comes in many packages, I suppose.
Bitter much!

Wasn't Boeing started as a family company?
John Watson 1
Interesting to read your comments about the Bombadier company. Here in Oz our state government has purchased a fleet of suburban electric trains from their rail division. Actually built in India and loaded with defects so bad that they can't be put into service without modification.There appears to be a lot of buyer regret.Having said that I do like travelling on the Q400s in the Qantas fleet - great aircraft.
Larry Toler 1
Has it been 20 years already? The first Q400 I saw was back in 2004 as a Trans States (oopsk, meant USAirways Express) on my first overnight in Montreal. We never operated any of the Bombardier turbos, but speaking and drinking with other crews liked the older Bombardiers, and to me the newer Q400 was sort of bad ass.
As far as the trains go, the old monorail at Busch Gardens Williamburg, VA from the theme park to the Budweiser brewey for free beer was a great ride and was made by Bombardier. Unfortunately, that is no longer a ride.
I commuted regularly (and safely) from Southampton to Manchester and Glasgow (airports within the UK) on Q400s (and the earlier Series 300 such as G-BRYT in the days of British Airways Regional).

Rugged, adequate, with a great view from any passenger window thanks to the high wing.


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