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FAA Faces Scrutiny Over How It Handled Concerns About Southwest Operations Before Flight 1380 Tragedy

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A federal watchdog is investigating the Federal Aviation Administration’s oversight of Southwest Airlines after a hotline complaint about operational issues at the airline and the engine failure incident on Flight 1380 which led to a passenger’s death. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General issued a memorandum on Wednesday announcing the audit. The DOT received a complaint alleging a number of operational issues at Southwest, including alleged pilot training… ( Mais...

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Wayne Fox 3
Scott Pruitt must be heading the FAA too.
golfbum971 -3
Where's 60 minutes and their crack team of reporters!?!
matt jensen 0
Chasing illegals at the border....
golfbum971 -1
Haha that's exactly right!
Ken McIntyre -2
Bashing Trump. What else?
btweston -1
Uh... What?
sparkie624 -3
Another version that allows Ad Blockers...
sparkie624 -3
I have been saying for a long time... Anyone who has been around FA for anytime at all knows very well that I am not an SWA fan, and this article explains it very well.

Looking at their Statement: “We have a very transparent and professional relationship with the Federal Aviation Administration,”

No kidding, it was so transparent that they could not see anything! Also remember a number of years ago SWA paid FAA inspectors money and when it got uncovered the FAA inspectors were fired.
Randy Marco 0
The article was about the FAA and ALL Airlines not just Southwest, quit distorting the facts!


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