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Multiple Airlines Refuse To Transport Separated Immigrant Children; What Can DHS Do?

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Multiple major airlines have put out statements refusing to transport immigrant children — who were separated from their families at the border following Trump’s “zero tolerance policy” on immigration which he amended by signing an executive order on Wednesday — across the country, a move that could become an issue for the government when it comes to getting thousands of kids to detention facilities in different states. ( Mais...

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joel wiley 2
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
George Santayana
Andy Bowland 2
They have their ways...
sharon bias 4
US airlines haven't put up a fuss when used to transport illegal adults back to their home countries. The problem is the children. Airlines have lots of rules and regulations about transportation of unaccompanied minors. And whatever government agency or contractor is handling the children's welfare when flying, they aren't a true legal guardian appointed by a judge. When this thing goes to trial in the months or years ahead (and it will) with parents accusing the government of kidnapping their children, the airlines want no part of that. It's a legal black hole. If the government feels this is the only way to handle this situation, they should use government or military aircraft.
Jamar Jackson -1
I agree this will come back and hunt any individual or corporation with its hands tied in this. It’s best to say no don’t touch it. The world is watching and the internet is recording every move. The illegals have nothing to loose.
Mike Wood 2
C-130s and C-17s work just fine. Not as comfortable though.
Jamar Jackson 2
It has become politically toxic a problem no one wants to be tied to. You damned if you fix it, you damned if you don’t fix it.
flypilot12 -2
As part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet all airlines have due to their subsidies from the US Government to buy their aircraft they can be compelled to fly these children, and it will be fully legal. It was used heavily during Desert Storm, Desert Thunder and OIF as a way to augment the troop transport role, just as ships were during WWII on both sides. Though I don't know if this "administration" would even think of it.
I hope they do not think of it. Every day thousands of US Citizens are taken away from the children/families by "authorities". The first step to prevent this is to not commit a crime and become a criminal parent.
flypilot12 2
I love how I got thumbs down for stating the truth. I never said I supported the current admin or this BS policy only pointed out that the option is there but, because I don't follow the popular opinion and choose facts over feelings, I get down voted.
joel wiley 3
Truth is not based upon a popularity contest. That's one of the reason it's not seen much on Facebook and Twitter lately.
WeatherWise -9
What can the DHS do? Their job. Protecting us from the one sitting in the Oval. The White House has become an internment camp for clowns. So go ahead and down vote away, "I don't Really Care, Do U?"
WeatherWise 2
Yep, down vote away. But you know it's true. I feel sorry for those who actually believe our country is being run by a mentally competent president.
I feel sorry for the number of people who have applied for positions within our facility over the past 24 months. Being as we use any and all information for the hiring process, including FOIA and things such as Facebook...any applicant who was a registered voter for the wrong party never got a phone call to interview. It seriously was the first step in our background checks. Knowing someone registered with a "D" already tells us all we need to know about their mental prowess. And the fact that they will not be able to assimilate into our facilities well. And yes - we are healthcare and in a battle ground of immigration state.
I am a HUGE proponent of solving the issue with land mines at the southern border and a HUUUUUUUGE wall with fully automatic weapons on it.


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