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airBaltic Orders up to 60 Bombardier CS300 Aircraft

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Bombardier Commercial Aircraft and Air Baltic Corporation AS (airBaltic) announced today that the parties have executed a firm purchase agreement for the sale and purchase of 30 CS300 aircraft with options and purchase rights for an additional 30 aircraft of the same type. ( Mais...

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canuck44 4
Airbus investment in the C Series is beginning to look like a good move especially if they can ramp up production schedules. Boeing and its Brazilian dance partner have not even reached agreement on corporate music. There are now 400+ orders on the Bombardier/Airbus books and if the aircraft lives up to its numbers on economy, reliability and customer satisfaction they may well dominate this market segment before the competition falls into place.
Phil Knox 2
They need more than one production facility to meet the current demand! And if this thing begins to snowball...customers will want these a/c asap! The proposed Alabama plant must become a reality!
william baker 1
It’s not always the early bird that often catches the worm. Give Boeing and Embraer some time and they will work things out and catch up and maybe even surpass airbus and bombardier. The hare maybe fast but the tortoise usually comes in first. Lol
djames225 2
In the case of Bombardier and Embraer, it was often Embraer being the hare..Embraer could have been an even bigger hare had they gone the original route on the E2 jets, increasing size and range, to bump them out of the RJ market. And if the labor unions in Brazil are as strong as heard, there will be no deal.
Roch Comeau 2
You are assuming that somehow Boeing and Embraer make a deal and then make a better plane.

Bombardier made the pane first, paid the price for being first but if a CS customer is happy enough to come back for seconds, then it at least means they succeeded in making a good product.
myalias 1
Not just seconds, but they decided to replace their entire fleet!


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