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Heathrow Within ‘Touching Distance’ of Approval for Third Runway

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London’s Heathrow airport is putting the champagne on ice in anticipation of final approval for the new runway it’s been seeking for decades after a poll showed the plan has the overwhelming backing of lawmakers. ( Mais...

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Carlos Bea 3
Antiquated & so overcrowded , on so many levels, that it borders on apathy. Almost always waiting for a gate to open when arriving. Boarding 747’s with mobile airstairs like its 1955 all over again. Too many negatives to list....
Justthefacs 2
Terminal change at LHR is just one of many awful aspects of Heath. Connected last month and the sign actually said 20+ minutes walk to connecting gate and this was in the same terminal (3). Want expedited gate and terminal changes, copy DFW and the connections are all inside security.
bibliobear 2
If I were a neighbor of Heathrow I wouldn't believe one word of what the authorities say about expansion. Back when they were trying to get approval for Terminal 5, the Heathrow website stated in BIG letters that if T5 were built there would be no need for further expansions. I don't have the patience to create a timeline, but if I recall correctly T5 wasn't even finished before the new runway/new terminal proposals started appearing in the press. Makes me thankful I live in the middle of nowhere.
Andy Cruickshank 2
They do not get it. Fragmented terminals with long transit times and horrible transit to both central London and particularly the other London airports make this a farce. Dubai and other non European hubs have overtaken the need for LHR and similar old style airports as point to point connections improve dramatically.
Tobin Sparfeld 2
Even if all that is true, it still needs a third runway. Heathrow isn't getting any smaller, and two runways is an incredible bottleneck. For comparison, DFW has eight runways and ORD has seven.


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