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New Questions About Whether Southwest Airlines Death Could Have Been Prevented

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PHILADELPHIA (CBSNewYork/AP) — Southwest Airlines had sought more time last year to inspect jet-engine fan blades, like the one that snapped off during one of its flights Tuesday in an accident that left a passenger dead. ( Mais...

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Steven Fortson 1
If you read the article, and the AD, Southwest was pushing for more time against the requested change by CFM to reduce the time to 12 months. The AD, as it was written was 18 months for engines with fewer than 15,000 cycles since their last shop visit. CFM requested that they get 12 months instead, and Southwest pushed back, saying they wanted 18.
David Vega 1
Not worth reading.
William Crooker 1
Did she have her seat belt on in any configuration ?
linbb -1
So just another click bait deal as who knows at this point much about when it was last inspected for sure. Glad the news rag checks into things before printing.


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