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Ryanair Boss O'Leary thinks the 797 is not efficient enough

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Brussel - Unlike other big airlines, Ryanair is not interested in the new mid-market airplane called unofficially 797 that Boeing plans to launch. Europe's first low-cost operator believes that the plane is not efficient enough for its operations. ( Mais...

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pjshield 11
O'Leary is the boss man who has brought up the idea of installing Pay Toilets on his airplanes and has mentioned installing strap hangers for passengers on his short haul shuttles ala subway riders.
Mark Thomas 7
What have I missed? Is there information on this yet-to-be aircraft being handed out to airline execs that the general public isn't aware of? How can O'Leary possibly know the economics of something that doesn't exist yet? It could be revolutionary! (fingers crossed). There's going to be some pressure on the guys and gals at Boeing to get this right, no?
canuck44 6
His pilots would say the same thing about him...he is not efficient enough.
Randy Shereda 2
Unless Boeing has a "black hangar" somewhere, the 797 is currently just a brain fart with a name, and O'Leary is talking about efficiency? Why do I get the feeling that if O'Leary was commander of the Enterprise, he would be yelling at Scotty to make the Transporter bigger and faster?
scott8733 3
All he needed to see was that he couldn't stuff 300 miserable souls in at a time and said "Meh, I'll pass. Not efficient enough."
Jose Serro 1
You guys don't know how MOL works.
He's just putting pressure on Boeing to make a extraordinary aircraft and, above all, cheapest.
It's his style ahahah...
strickerje 0
Seems like this guy just exists to stir the pot for the occasional free publicity.


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