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Bombardier versus Boeing: No matter what the USITC verdicts, the war will continue

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Montreal - The war between Bombardier and Boeing is likely to continue regardless of the long-awaited verdict on Friday, January 26, by the United States International Trade Commission (USITC). ( Mais...

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canuck44 12
There is a misconception here that Boeing would like to ignore. This is not Boeing vs. Bombardier, but Boeing vs. Canada and Northern Ireland. Boeing will win the battle on US soil and tie it all up in international courts for years. It is all designed to help their new girlfriend from Brazil. The ultimate winner will be Airbus as Delta is now hinting.
bentwing60 -8
Beats the Canuck open door paramour from EU fame. Let me know when those CS500's start rolling off the line. Can't remember Boeing ever not capitalizing it's A.C. development costs, ala A380. Oh, Boeings was about subsidies, silly me. Capitalism, love it or lose it. And I ask you once again, would you rather value the price of oil in the Renminbi?
Cansojr -2
Please stop your inane jingoistic nonsense and accept reality for a change. I don't like cannuck yuk yuk very much either. But he was absolutely correct, now let it go. You lost, We only lived to fight American hegemony and xenophobia for another day. And NO Boeing is now persona non grata in Canada and Europe. Boeing sure took strategic stupidity to a new low.
canuck44 6
Thank God we have another hall monitor to replace "Esquire" who appears to have retired, died or changed his registration.
joel wiley 4
At least he didn't call one out for the status of a pilot's license. He's only been around 3 days so maybe he'll get around to it. 12 comments today (so far) Can't wait to see what he does tomorrow!
bentwing60 1
May I take the late opportunity to point out that once again the uninformed lefty chooses to shoot the messenger rather than present a cogent rebuttal of the jingoistic opinions of the poster. One more down vote and you folks will have attained your true goal of erasing another opposition opinion to your puerile message and agenda that is working so well in Venezuela.
bentwing60 1
Alan Sanderson 6
The trade commission ruled 4-0 in favor of Bombardier Friday. That said, the US system seems rigged in that they are allowed to charge and keep collecting " punishing" duties and taxes while they re-appeal over several YEARS.
joel wiley 6
Boeing might be better off shifting the attorney's billable hour charges into R&D.
Sue Lockwood 5
The right and obvious outcome came down today. Boeing can appeal forever...apparently they have money to waste.


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