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Air Canada guilty of making false statement to customer: regulator

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Canada’s air transport regulator has ruled that Air Canada made a false statement to a traveller last year when the passenger pursued a claim for compensation after their baggage was delayed on a flight. ( Mais...

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Jeff Phipps 3
An airline lying to a customer?? Say it isn't so!
Dave Weese 2
Truthful airline is like an honest used car salesman
Matthew Montano 2
It's one thing to try and low-ball a compensation offer; that seems to be status-quo. But to fib and explicitly say 'that is all you are entitled to' or 'all you will get' when that is not true is what AC was caught doing. Hopefully this will sharpen their game.
SmiKooMan 1
I was sitting beside a flight crew at YVR waiting to board my flight to YCG near the gate. The pilot received a phone call and then told the crew the flight was off. I asked him "is that the flight to Castlegar"? He replied "yes, the plane is in the hanger for repairs and it's not getting out anytime soon. They will announce the cancellation in a few minutes". The crew left. A few minutes later Air Canada announced the flight was scrubbed due to weather. No compensation allowed for weather cancellations, unlike mechanical cancellations. I filed a complaint with the regulator, and all they do is ask the airline to confirm that was the reason. Air Canada replied yes it was because of weather and the regulator passed that on to me. I asked the regulator if they were allowed to investigate, and they said no.
Matthew Montano 2
Unfortunately what SmiKooMan describes is a permutation of what appears to be standard AC procedure.

It appears that Air Canada as a matter of procedure will wait to announce a delay or cancellation until AFTER flight alternatives have departed. AC's YVR ops always used to wait until Alaskan's YVR-SEA to announce their SEA flight was delayed. AC's YYZ ops used to wait until the AA and UA connections through ORD departed before announcing a delay on YYZ-IND. And someone I know at YXX confirmed that AC would wait until WJ's flight departed before announcing their Rouge delay.

This has happened so many times to me that I refuse to fly Air Canada unless I have no option.

Usually they 'steal' the plane where customers can request being re-routed and stiff customers where they are the last flight or they have they have a monopoly or delay customers for hours.
John Robinson 1
Dearie, dearie me, never mind! Air Canada is really working hard on the motto “We’re not happy until you’re not happy”
mac harding 1
What else is new..... ???? It's all they do......... !!!!! We are just like cattle to them........ Incompetence is rampant with Lie-Air Canada.........


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