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Southwest is Travel Industry's Favorite Airline

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The world’s travel industry professionals and frequent flyers have named their favorite airline. According to new data from YouGov, 35 percent of travel industry pros who participated in the survey prefer Southwest. It easily beat the competition, gathering twice as much support as the nearest competitor, American Airlines, which was named favorite by 15 percent of professionals, followed by Delta, with 11 percent. ( Mais...

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Larry Toler 4
Never flown on them, but I spent plenty of time with some of of their flight crews. They get treated pretty well by their company. Good pay and benefits rolls off to a great customer service. I flew with a few pilots who got hired by Southwest. Doesn't sound like much, but it's a step up from flying a J41 or EMB145.
Rand Mason 4
They don't play games with you. No fee for know what you are going to get.
Fly them every chance I get.
Joseph Cooney 3
Excellent. They deserve the accolades.
If SWA doesn't go there, I don't either.
nchamp 4
I can't believe United isn't at the top. Just a good morning joke. LOL
Leon Kay 2
Southwest obviously has a very good relationship with most travel agents as most travellers appear to do their reservations through travel agents. I do my reservations through Expedia and when travelling to Texas and California, the only airlines that they quote on are the following: American Airlines, Delta, United, Alaska air, Jet Blue, Virgin America & Spirit.
Leon Kay, South Africa
paul trubits 1
You have to book through Southwest.
James Carlson 2
I had a Southwest flight out of Boston many years ago, and when they called the first group of people to board, the usual sorts of yahoos in everything but that group all stood up and crowded around the gate. The agent got back on the intercom and said something like: "We're boarding just the first group. If you're not in that group, please sit down. We'll get everyone going as quickly as possible." Nobody moved. So she said: "We've stopped boarding. We'll start again once everyone who is not in the first group sits down." Slowly, sheepishly, they all moved away from the gate and sat down. After that, everything went smoothly.

I was very impressed. Much better crowd handling than the usual mad rush to the gate.
paul trubits 1
You must have flown out of Manchester or Providence. Boston is a fairly new airport for them.
James Carlson 1
Must've been Manchester, then. It was at least 15 years ago.
norman belanger 2
Best consistant service for over 20 years.
Stephen Hollis 2
I always fly SW when able. Best yet.
paul trubits 2
They have come a long way from "The Little Engine That Could" airline. Now that they have become the biggest domestic airline, they suck less than everyone else. If Spirit and Allegiant could capture the esprit de corps of the early SWA, they might be worth flying. Can you still get a bottle of whiskey instead of a free flight?
Robert Preston 2
Great flights, great people, ez to deal with if issues. an airline with actual management as opposed to the legacy crap airlines who treat employees like dirt yet the top guys walk with millions. thank you wall street.
Benjamin Taub 1
Gotta say, SWA strikes me as the most 'honest' airline and it shows in their frequent flyer program. On SW, you can calculate how many FF miles it will take to get somewhere by doing simple division on the dollar cost of the ticket. The miles required on other airlines is never so transparent. They clearly make up the rules to suit their short term profitability. On SWA, however, there's no 'hey, we only have X number of FF seats on this plane' or 'Well, you've actually got to use 2X the points to get on this flight'.

My only real beef with SWA is the number of connections it can take to get somewhere (at least when travelling from DTW). The time wasted in connections does represent a real cost in lost work or vacation time.
Scott Campbell 1
If you're a frequent flyer - I can't see using an Airline that won't get you to the world. But, I use them several times a year for local travel. The rest is on United at around 135 flights a year.
Upgrades domestically and easy First or Biz class mileage redemption. Domestic upgrades average around 80 % this year
AndreV 1
SWA employees get treated well and their job satisfaction in turns leads to superb customer service . . . along with the no BS fees for baggage, cancelations, etc. The SWWA winning formula is not hard to figure it out, yet somehow most companies miss on it completely by putting shareholders first, then customers second, then employees dead last . . . I guess the emphasis on MBA curriculum these days is all about cost-cutting and making greedy shareholders happy? If so then that's certainly not a winning formula for a healthy economy and society in general.
Larry Toler 2
You are dead on with that comment. I like making money too, but corporate greed usually sours the pot. While I was a flight attendant, I told co workers that pax are our bread and butter. We're there for them. The job may suck but don't take it out on a passenger.
That being said, a bad day of flying is better than a good day as a ground pounder.
Alan Cordery 1
I recently flew SW was ok, Delta good and American lame, as usual. But this cannot be a "World" survey since no foreign airlines are mentioned, if they were included SW would not be in the top 10.
John Fahey 1
Alaska Airlines has treated me better than any other airline. Best Rewards program in the business. Every contact I have had with them has almost been anticipated rather than dreaded. Their service is what SWA had when it was lean and growing. My only regret is that living in New Hampshire I am not in their service area as much as I would like.
Tom Bruce 1
used to fly every other week...for 20+ years... people would ask what I do for a living..I said, "I wait in line"
haven't flown SW in a few years, never liked waiting in their lines...has something changed?
Brent Bahler 5
With Southwest, you don't have to wait for numerous different classes of flyers and credit card holders to board before you. Bags fly free. The cabin crew is always good natured and helpful. And the lines you don't like actually move quickly and efficiently. What's not to like?
Tom Bruce 5
sadly...I was one of those (with hundreds of thousands of miles) that got on first and off first... SW crew and ground staff ARE excellent and worth the lines..... they are the most efficient...guess I'm spoiled
tom,i have not flown on them for a while either..they used to have a boarding pass system with numbers on the boarding pass,and different colors (no frequent flyers or premium card holders first)..they would call numbers say 1-25 first , and so on until the last few seats or numbers were definitely had to get there early so you could board early to get a lower number number because of no assigned seating..they also had a front row of seats that faced backwards and ususally blocked those seats for assistance passengers or children..they did not charge for checked baggage then,and carry ons were not such an issue..their crews and ground personnel have always been "folksy", and have what they call the "southwest spirit"..they joke,they kid around,and their employees are very loyal to the company..when they first started,their ceo used to go around to all his stations and very visbly help out with everything from baggage handling to ticket counter,so he set the tone for future years..i worked at the airport for many years (different airline), and I was friends with a few wn employees along the line..i will say however, their fares are not cheaper than some others,and they are now doing international flights, so they too are changing..
Jerry Connors 1
Herb Kelleher (founder) did it right, right from the beginning. One type aircraft 737s, simplified boarding process and quick turn-arounds to keep those birds in the air. Always had a good experience over many years of travel. As their pilot credo is: " If it ain't a Boein'...I ain't goin' ".
terry gersdorf 0
Now thats what I call fake news


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