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Honda faces long haul to recoup jet costs

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After three decades building an airplane from scratch, Michimasa Fujino, 56, chief engineer of the Hondajet, might have to reach a ripe old age to see Honda Motor Co's pet aviation project recoup its development costs. ( Mais...

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bbabis 5
I can understand them not releasing their costs. 1 Billion is what they wish they had spent plus they have much more development costs to go. The HB420 is entry level and no way will Honda get close to selling 1000 units. Cessna only sold roughly 600 CJs and CJ1s in a better market while the current M2 is a direct competitor to the Honda Jet. Honda will need to further refine the aircraft and develop the Honda Jet 2, 3,... before getting close to 1000 units. Bottom line is that they will probably never recoup their costs but I admire their dogged determination (stubbornness) for getting the aircraft to market. It certainly helped the economy of Greensboro, NC.
"The jet began deliveries in late 2015 and is priced slightly higher than competitors in the conservative light businessjet segment."

The same thing can be said about their cars, always priced higher than competitors. More expensive to service too, wonder if that will also apply to their jet?
honza nl 3
Better higher service costs than costly repairs :). Quality comes at a price.
Jack Carson 3
A billion dollars in development costs and they put the engines on the wrong side of the wing.
Highflyer1950 2
Ha, but they do make a nice home for the birds!
kennedye 1
I saw one of these on display at AirVenture last year; it's a very pretty plane, but given the state of general aviation in the United States I kind of doubt it will sell enough units to recover its cost. Still, not everything has to make a profit I suppose, *cough*787 :P


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