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Man Crashes Plane, Walks to Meeting without Notifying Authorities

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A Missouri Businessman crash lands his Maule M-50180C in a field bear Roxbury, Ks. He then walks to his business meeting without notifying authorities. ( Mais...

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paul trubits 14
I would hate to have that guy as my boss. No excuse would ever be good enough.
Bob Clark 4
As Inspector Clouseau might say "It's a mere blemish"
Sacre' bleu!
pagheca 3
I can imagine the guy at a meeting with stripes of carbon all over his face, jacket and tie messed up and half burnt, and the cloche still in its hand...
Mike Mohle 2
I do not think this guy is wearin' a tie! He flys a Maule....
Scott Wiggins 1
Sam Walton didn't wear a tie and I believe he drove a decades old F-150 in this last years.
John Longphre 3
Remember when Burt Reynolds and Don Deluise landed a Maule on Main St and bought beer from the dime store?

What movie was that?
Jim DeTour 2
Sounds like a It's a mad mad mad world
James Carlson 1
This is the first hit returned by
lawrence baker 3
I guess his family and friends were right. This guys is "all business".
Gary Harper 2
That's one tough aircraft.
Mike Mohle 2
"Well I did not want to bother anyone." No broken bones, good to go!
jim shenk 2
Any landing that you can walk away from is a good one
Carl Hahn 2
Proving the old saying that any landing you walk away from is a good landing.
Maybe he was flying under influence and thus avoided local authorities ?
Hmmmm! Could be!
crackup 2
The yoke would make a nice wall trophy hung up like deer antlers. The plaque would say Award to XXXXX for Perfect Meeting Attendance

:) glad he's OK
lynx318 2
Direct from the article "Later, he was taken to an airport where he had a truck and drove home." That must have been some pregnancy!?!
crackup 1
I guess there wasn't a flight plan to close...
Gustavo Rios 1
Oh my God It was a strong hit against the ground . Are you still alive?
Ben Edwards 1
Some CFI's teach two point landings, some teach 3 point. Those 6 point landings are a far more advanced technique.
Ron Nash 1
How did he tear the ends of the wings in that manner? Did he hit some road signposts or power poles on the way down? Surely a simple ground loop wouldn't cause that much damage?
I had a buddy who carried out a forced landing in his PA-28 on a country highway in the mid-1980's. He was doing just fine until a large roadside sign appeared, which took one wing right off!
M.F. LaBoo 3
Went through an 8' diameter irrigation culvert on his runout?
babyracer 2
It looks not unlike he cart-wheeled it.
Ron Nash 2
It looks more like to me that he cartwheeled it, despite the repeated story that he ground-looped it.

The simple problem here, of course, is that despite having 10 days to notify the FAA of any aircraft crash; the local troopers and rescue people were greatly concerned that there was a possibility of the pilot and up to 3 pax lying injured and immobile somewhere, and in desperate need of medical care.
The FAA notification wasn't urgent - but notifying local police and rescue authorities that all occupants of the aircraft were O.K. and didn't need assistance, is simple common sense and an important part of any post-crash procedures.
Charles Sussman 1
No joke, this fellow is one lucky guy!
Linus Osorio 1
"It'll buff right out..."
Don Grace 1
Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. What's the problem lol.
Ant Miraa 1
Business stops for no one lol
Joseph Crecente 1
Wonder if that power line had anything to do with the condition of the plane.
Ron Nash 1
A complete report here ...

Pilot says to media, "he doesn't want to talk about what happened". I can understand that. LOL
Tim McNair 2
"We spoke to the pilot earlier today and he said he doesn't want to talk about what happened." Go figure.


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