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Delta Air Lines Computer Outage Grounds Flights Across US

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Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines’ computer system is down as of 8:52 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Sunday, January 29, 2017. According to Delta, the outage, which was first reported round 7:15 PM EST tonight, has resulted in delays for scheduled departures tonight. Flights already in the air remain unaffected. ( Mais...

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npruzek 4
What you don't see reported is the history of Delta (and Southwest) IT leading up to this event. I'd be willing to bet that both Delta and SW (like most fortune 500 companies) have been outsourcing IT to cut costs. Eventually, companies lose employees with critical technical domain knowledge and end up having a much harder time troubleshooting issues. Ultimately, the customer pays the price!
David McClellan 2
Yes it was a pain because I got caught in it. However I was stuck on the Big Island in Kona. They DID put us up in the Hilton Waikoloa with $45 in food vouchers. They are giving us $200 ea (2) for inconvenience plus $100 for the additional expenses we incurred so they're still a standup company to me.
japanjeff 2
As a software developer, I'm kind of curious what happened. Did they decide to install a change which turned out to be catastrophic and had no easy way to undo? It'd be neat to read an insider's breakdown as to what happened.
Robert Joseph 3
You would think that the airlines would figure out that they need a back up to the back up. Its a shame that a computer malfunction can ruin everyone's vacations or work trips.
Muchits 2
They do have back-ups, unfortunately it's not as simple as flipping a button and the lights coming back on.
btweston 2
Not much of a backup then, is it? It's like if a plumber breaks his wrench and says, "I can't work anymore. I have a spare wrench, though, but it isn't here. I'll just leave your bathroom torn up a bit longer while I go and get it. See how prepared I am? They will write comments defending me on the internet."
Muchits 4
I'm assuming neither of you work at Delta or have ever worked in an IT department. Cheap and won't do it? First of all Delta has a full back-up and just reinvested hundreds of millions in it. This takes time to switch though. Obviously if you think switching to an IT back-up system is as simple as flipping a switch there is no use in discussing it further.
Robert Joseph 0
I actually install said IT systems sir
Muchits 3
Apologies Robert, as I was referring to btweston and Matt.
n9341c 1
That might be the stupidest analogy in the history of the internet that I've ever heard. And you went public with it. Wow.
matt jensen 1
It is that simple. DAL is just cheap and won't do it
Denis Pregun 1
Karma to the Airline as they lost our baggage in Las Vegas
William Medlin 1
Was not aware of any issues on Sunday 29 Jan as I flew from Fort Lauderdale thru Laguardia enroute to Norfolk VA arriving 15 minutes, All on schedule. Something worked right, especially for me.
Arthur Netteler -5
Why don't they just CALL IT what it is. They are being HACKED DAILY!
japanjeff 2
Can you back that statement up with any proof?


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