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Boeing pledges $1 million for Donald Trump's inaugural events

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The company already had committed $1 million to help underwrite inaugural events when Trump took aim at the manufacturer this week, according to a Boeing official familiar with the planning, who requested anonymity to speak frankly about the discussions. ( Mais...

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Roy Talbot 6
Now will they get to build the presidential airplanes????
Roy Hunte 1
I'd think a B789 or B77W would make a better AF1 due to better fuel economy, etc.
matt jensen 2
Nothing beats 4 engines, exc maybe 6 or 8.
Roy Hunte 2
True, I forgot about the safety in numbers factor. Lol.
matt jensen 1
Won't have to turn back when an engine flames out.
ToddBaldwin3 1
I always liked the 8 engines on the BUFF I crewed on.
matt jensen 1
Still like them
Highflyer1950 1
I'm with you and I think the 74 is a lot faster.
matt jensen 1
And safer
Larry Martin 3
drdek 2
Nothing like a greased palm to silence the critics!
chalet 2
Trump promised to kill all of the privileges enjoyed by large corporations (tax deductions, subsidies, no taxes on funds kept outside Conus), also he promised to kill the lobby firms that roam around DCA pushing for favors from government. WIll he keep those promises. If you believe that I have some nice wáterfront lots on the Caribbean a short walk from the beautiful Cascade Mountains (lots of salmon fishing).
chalet 2
These banquets and driking to celebrate the inauguration of an incoming administration should also be banned
sparkie624 1
Good deal... Do keep in mind that Trump though the years and through his campaign has been real supporting of Boeing, even though critical of the new AF1's
drdek 1
But not P/W nor GE.


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