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Playboy Model Tries To Open Plane Door In Mid-Flight

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Copy cat stuff can be dangerous. Let's knock this stuff off. ( Mais...

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austin brooks 0
i tell u those dam girls
Chris Erlwein 0
hahah those crazy playmates, you can never trust them ;)
Doug Pickard 0
She's apparently a Playboy model because she didn't do too well at math and physics.
Jerry Ramsey 0
I think she has probably done well in everything she has done including math and physics if you know what I mean lol =@
Luke Steinberg 0
she knows math alright. Add the bed. subtract the clothes. divide the legs. hope she doesnt multiply.
When a person digs deeper .. You can find out the out come, "She is just a girl having a unmedicated moment. She unintentional grabbed the door handle as she was trying to cope with her problem. The feds have dismissed it".
SF Johannsen 0
Let me was a blonde, right (anyone have any dumb blonde jokes)? On s serious note,(Blonde or not), isnt against Federal regulations to even attempt opening that door without being instructed by the airlines? These stunts and others should be strongly dealt with.
Kevin Dunn 0
Literally speaking, could this be the "Girls Next Door?"
Rob McKenna 0
Just another episode of "Girls Gone Wild"?
Dan Ciavardini 0
I think it was a simple case of Jet Blue Envy!
Terry LeGrand 0
Why am I not surprised by this.
Thomas Moore 0
well, everyone else has done stupid shit to get attn.. Burn the Koran, Steel beers and slide down the emergency chute..etc.. whats next?? she'll be on the Today show and get rich. My country ( the USA ) is about to become on my shit list of places to live.. And yes.. to all those that disagree, I'll take donations to move
Jared Smith 0
She could try all she'd like, no one was endangered. With the plane pressurized it would be close to impossible to open any of the doors. All the passenger doors open inward, they are called "plug doors". The main doors on most then turn sideways to pass through the hole to stow on the outside when fully open. A 24 X 36 inch emergency door, at a 4 psi differential (roughly half of the cruise flight differential, they said after take off, but not how long after or at what altitude), would require about 1,600 pounds to open. The main door, at 4 X 7 feet would require over 16,000 pounds under the same conditions.


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