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Pilots are getting equipped with this mind-blowing new technology called “text messaging”

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There’s going to be a lot more texting in cockpits across the US. But it’s no unsanctioned social media activity. Under the new Data Comm system, pilots receive flight plans, landing clearances, and other instructions from air traffic controllers through a text message on a cockpit screen. Pilots confirm receipt with a single button. ( Mais...

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Kenneth Schmidt 1
Does it use current ACARS frequencies? Does it use current voice frequencies? Does it use a new band of frequencies? There is a lot of missing information in this article.
Highflyer1950 1
We have had this for years now. Usuually the text msg is handled through a third party via the FMS system. SatComm units allow directvtext msg with your handheld phone but is quite exspensive and I doubt the airlines are going to let the crews text willy nilly over a long flight!
satriani99 1
i wish people would read the article before commenting on it


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