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Working Wooden Model of Radial Engine (with video)

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A hobbyist took his passion for woodworking and combined it with his love of all things mechanical to create a nine-cylinder radial engine from lumber and plastic. Articulating rods, wrist pin connectors, cam ring lobes, and crankshaft movements are all explained in easy-to-see giant wooden parts as the contraption swiftly moves in unison, fueled by Jimmerson’s portable drill rather than avgas. ( Mais...

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Sean Keehner 4
Ian, What a brilliant work of art. Your explanation makes these radial engines look to easy to work on! What an impressive wood engine. I had to watch it a view times to absorb the work that went into this project! Thank you!!
jbqwik 3
Brilliant, detailed, visual. One of the best, perhaps the best description of a radial engine I have seen. I can better appreciate the engineering that produced it and easy to understand why it was so durable.
Jim Welch 2
Bruce Bollinger 2
Outstanding video. It makes it easy to understand the workings of the internal combustion engine along with the physics used in its design. Would be a great instructional video for junior high school physics classes.
Victor Engel 2
One of the first things I wondered about was the counterweight, if any. I'm glad it was mentioned near the end of the video.
Kent Thompson 2
Outstanding craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing.
henk barkhof 1
Just 1 word Ian : Amazing ! You must have 2 golden Hands.
rogera1b 1
matt jensen 1
Absolutely flawless
ToddBaldwin3 1
Well done!
sparkie624 1
Very good video of how it works... Check out my URL link of a "The WASP Pratt & Whitney R2800 Radial Engine. " on a mobile test stand. He would take it to airshows and other public events to show it off. He was having a corroborator problem, but it was a nice demo with it running: - I shot this video at a RC Airshow in Roanoke Virginia with the Roanoke Valley Remote Control Group
ADXbear 1
Fantastic...should be in every AP school
sparkie624 1
Agreed, even though very few coming out now days have a clue what to do with one. I feel to be one of the lucky ones to actually be trained on a radial engine as well as having wrench time on one. They are great engines that I have to see disappearing across our country
Russ LaBarca 1
Absolutely excellent!
leo bramel 1
I use to work on radial engines. Love to hear start up and sound of them. That wooden engine was s piece of art work. Wish I had it. Thanks friend for your beautiful work
sparkie624 1
I agree... Same here... Did not get to work on them much, but in my early days I got to work on a couple of radials... My most memorable was a Jacobs 985....
rgascon22 1
Fantastic. The best explanation I have seen to date. Very impressive craftsmanship
Joe Correia III 1
Remarkable work of woodworking craftsmanship and engineering.Even sounds good on full rotation.
Scott Campbell -2
Working ? Maybe movement, simulating a working engine.


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