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United Chief Oscar Munoz has Heart Transplant

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United Airlines said on Wednesday that its president and chief executive, Oscar Munoz, had heart transplant surgery earlier in the day and was in recovery. ( Mais...

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Chip Hermes 8
Saying he'll be back this quarter is sort of like when your inbound flight is two hours away but they schedule your departure time in 45 minutes.
mags stumpp 3
Much aloha and Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Im pretty sure that i speak for all of your frequent fliers.
Ron Burgundy 1
I knew he had a heart issue, but I had no clue of the chronic severity. Heart transplant is a last ditch effort for patients. Hearts & lungs do not typically do well (they typically fail in less than 5 years after transplant).

"The airline said in a statement that the operation was 'the preferred treatment' and was not the result of a setback in Mr. Munoz’s recovery from a heart attack in October."

Sounds like he may have been living with this issue for some time.

I hope the allograft takes well.
canuck44 2
It sounds like he had myocarditis. If they got a descent match of the donor heart he will do well. I agree that if you include lungs the survival rate dives. We have a number of isolated heart transplant recipients in our practice who are on minimal immunosuppressant therapy and live perfectly normal lives otherwise. On the other hand many of our cystic fibrosis kids go on to lung transplant and only the occasional one does well.
Pileits 1
Good luck Oscar.
I wish him well..if his "heart attack" turned into the necessity of a heart transplant,possibly those who put him in charge of united were unaware of the severity of his health issues..that position is most assuredly high stress..


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